The Craig Eddy File

By Jerry Leigers - 10/15/03

This is an attempt to introduce Craig to the RSBL. Letís start with what I know. I first met Craig at the AL draft last year; of course I had little opportunity to talk with him, as I was busy drafting bad players. The next time I had a chance to meet him, was at the All-star game. It was here we all saw we were not dealing with a rookie. What we saw was a glimpse of NL style ball, manufacturing a win.

Craig is 47, divorced, with three girls ages 15, 20, 22. He attended Va Tech, where he tried out for the baseball team, but did not make the cut. . Has been playing in the over 30 league for a long time now. He plays in the outfield.

He works for a consulting engineering firm. His schedule is weird and depends upon deadlines and other various conditions. To reach him, the best way is by cell phone. The best time for him to play is on the weekend.

Since the beginning of the season he has become more involved with the league, helping co-manage the Twins. He has started making trades including the infamous Hillenbrand for Lugo. This is not the only trade he has made, he also picked up Bradford and I believe he traded Rivas. He seems to have a plan on how he wants to build the team. Every move he makes seems to be calculated.

So, how did he come to our green pasture? Here it seems he either saw the site or answered an ad in Strat placed by Mike Parker. Either way, we are glad he is one of us now. The question is, is he glad he is one of us? He is no stranger to strat; he plays in a play by mail league. Also in that league is his brother. My sources tell me he travels to Boston to play his games against his brother. One can only guess he catches a few Redsox games. Heís also a Boston Bruins fan (for all of you except Craig and Chip, thatís hockey).

He seems to have a passion for the late 60ís and early 70ís, you know when baseball was a real game. According to another source, he has an autographed 1968 Pete Rose strat card. From the other source, I am told he is a Reds fan. I guess they can pick spot kindred souls in a crowd. Many of us now have a topic to break the ice and start a conversation with Craig. ALers beware, he hates the dh.

As stated before, he calculates what he wants to do. He refuses to allow himself to be stuck in a rut of doing the same thing. This will make managing against him more complex. Strategy that is what strat is about and so is Craig. Part of it could be a psychological game, where he rolls his 20 with the rest of the dice. This is different than the rest of us, but maybe it will lead to some JJ style stories.

Craig has a long list of parks and stadiums he has seen games in, Fenway, Wrigley, Old Comisky, Yankee, PNC Park, Camden Yards, Memorial Stadium, Astrodome, Qual Comm, Pac-Bell, Dodger Stadium, Riverfront, Crosley Field, Kingdome and Veterans. Do you think he likes baseball?

Craig attended the 1970 All-Star game, when his favorite player Rose mowed Fosse down at the plate. Bet he was cheering.

Well, there is the scoop. I think he fits right in. Welcome, Craig!