A Belated Xmas list for Strat leaguers

JJ: a job where travel is a break rather than SOP

MP: dice that behave and Trigon treatment in new job

The King: an invulnerable car

Jami: a real realtor and a draft pick in the single digits

Mike T: a clone for tax season

Don: finding 15 players worth keeping

Jeff: Potential becoming reality after his big 'getting out of the superstar business' sale

Tim: a teleporter

Charlie: 162 games played

Dave: a portable sports ticker so he can track who's on his team this minute

Jim P: gramur and spalchaker

Pat M: see Charlie above

Keith: an end to the 'nice guys finish last' curse

Pat J: a clone for umpiring season

Earl: not having to play 'The King and his Court' in 2003

Stefi: a playoff trophy in '04

RS: time to play Strat in between visits to his harem in '03 (dream on.....)