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Richmond Times Dispatch article about the RSBL!!!

2011 Team Logos....

RSBL Crossword Page by Randy Shavis (Oct 2008)

Richard Deyerle's AL 2006 Preview

Why We Chose Strat by Randy Shavis (11/17/04)

Soapbox Times  by Jerry Leigers

Brian Butler Biography by Jay Coffman

Trading Etiquette by Randy Shavis

Craig Eddy Biography by Jerry Leigers

RSBL early history covering 1983 & 1984

Jim Proffitt - My Life in Strat Baseball (part 1)
Jim Proffitt - My Life in Strat Baseball (part 2)
Jim Proffitt - My Life in Strat Baseball (part 3)

Randy Shavis - Thirty days 'til the Draft
Randy Shavis - A Belated Xmas list for strat leagers
Randy Shavis' letter to Strat-o-Matic

John Jimison - Angels Stadium
John Jimison - RFK
John Jimison - Enron Park
John Jimison - Comerica Park
John Jimison - Astrodome

John Jimison - Miller Park
John Jimison - Evil Blue
John Jimison - NY Mets game adventures
John Jimison - Mell Hall Chronicles
John Jimison - Dice Etiquette Rules

Richard Deyerle - 2003 World Series Recap
Richard Deyerle - 2002 World Series Recap
Dave Caddell's 1999 World Series recap




The Sandie Award for
Yahoo! Strat-O-Matic Webring
League Site of the Month
February, 2001

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