RSBL July 2001 Newsletter

It looks like games are being played & everyone is at 81 games.  

Tim's Strat-o-thon was a big success.  If you missed it you missed the return of John Jimison & the biggest dice trade in the history of the RSBL.  Thanks Tim & Jennifer for hosting the event and preparing the great food.

I would also like to extend a welcome back to John Jimison into the league.  John left the league in 1993 when his job duties moved to Texas.  John is now back and is currently helping Jami with the Jaybirds until the end of the year.   John is currently out of the country until late July, but will be available to play when he returns.  Unless a current manager is interested in managing the PowerStation next year (by constitution rule), I think the current roadmap calls for John to take over the PowerStation for the 2002 draft. 

The NetPlay games with Jami has been fun.  It seems my bad dice have followed me from the real world to the virtual world.  The game has a built in chat facility so you can keep in constant touch with your opponent.  When Paul Blocher & myself played a few exhibition games, we even cut on voice chat so we could talk to each other while we played.   If anyone is interested playing Jami via NetPlay, I have the AL roster files with the game setting for our league.  Just get in touch with me & I can e-mail you the files with the instructions on how to install.

It looks like the AL has come down to a 3 man race for 1st (Tigers, Whales, & Rampage), while the Phanatics have settled into a secure 4th place finish.  While the Taz Devils & PowerStation continue to battle for the Ichiro Suzuki sweepstakes.

The NL race has narrowed into a 5 team battle for the playoffs.  The Road Runners & Buffalo Chips are vying for the top spot while the Wizards, Mad Hatters, & Bimbos are fighting for the last 2 playoff spots.  Looks like the Turkeys have top spot for the Pujols sweepstakes. 

Since the all-star game is approaching, it is time for our league to schedule its their annual all-star playoff as well.  Currently, I haven't heard anything on a prospective location and/or date.  Hopefully this blurb will spur those in charge to get the ball rolling.   Since the Bulls and Tigers are defending champs, they will have their shot at managing the respective all-star teams.  Lets hope they don't pad the reserves with Bulls & Tigers:)

Also, I'm thinking of organizing a league outing at the Diamond in August.  I'll send more info when I have prospective dates.  

Thanks to the majority of the league that updated me with their win/loss records and contributed info on their team.  Have fun & keep the bones a rollin!

Current Standings:

NL W L Pct. Manager
Road Runners 73 37 .664 Jim Proffit
Buffalo Chips 66 37 .641 Chip Foster
Wizards 61 41 .598 Pat Jennings
Mad Hatters 47 34 .580 Dave Caddell
Bimbos 51 39 .567 Keith Gilmore
Twins 41 48 .461 Paul Blocher
Bulls 18 24 .429 Pat Manuel
Ducks 34 48 .415 Jim Mellilo
Rebels 40 59 .404 Tommy Steffi
Pods 38 61 .384 Jay Coffman
Turkeys 31 66 .320 Earl Estes
AL W L Pct. Manager
Tigers 77 41 .654 Richard Deyerle
Whales 80 44 .645 Randy Shavis
Rampage 86 49 .637 Mike Parker
Phanatics 72 51 .585 Jeff Easton
Catfish 48 53 .475 Mike Kluver
Uncallables 46 53 .465 Don Leigers
Thunderbirds 39 47 .453 Mike Thurston
Jaybirds 37 44 .457 Jami Denton
Penfan 29 52 .358 Charlie Allen
PowerStation 29 66 .305 Jim Proffit
Taz Devils 28 71 .283 Tim Turner

Everything looks good as far as my roster and draft picks.  Stats through 110 games include:

Mo Vaughn: .291 BA, 29 HR, 85 RBI
Bret Boone:  .330 BA
Magglio Ordonez:  .320 BA, 24 HR, 84 RBI
Todd Hundley:  .317 BA, 15 HR
Cristian Guzman:  .284 BA, 15 3B,  26 stolen bases.

Randy Johnson:  15-5, 3.11 ERA, 268 Ks
John Lieber:  13-6, 4.02 ERA, 146 Ks
Denny Neagle:  12-3, 4.44 ERA
Todd Jones:  1.45 ERA
Derek Lowe:  2.11 ERA, 17 Saves

Ugly Player Stats:
Mo Vaughn has struck out 130 times, Troy Glaus 121, and Mike Cameron 107.  
Pat Burrell gets an honorable mention with only 92 Ks in 260 ABs.

Magglio Ordonez has grounded into 22 DPs.
2001 #2 draft pick in the AL, Jeff D'Amico, is 5-8 with a 4.93 ERA
Kerry Wood has struck out 106 and walked 83 in 107.6 innings.
John Lieber has allowed 32 HRs


the Bimbos stand at 51-39. Here are some highlights:

James Baldwin,9-7, 6.69 era;
Matt Clement, 8-3, 5.37 era;
Esteban Loaiza, 8-6, 4.20;
Brian Meadows, 8-7, 5.94;
Robert Person, 8-5, 4.53;
jose Jimenez, 2-0, 0.85, 25 saves;

Ivan Rodriguez, .264, 17 HR, 40 RBI;
Andruw Jones, .318, 16 HR, 67 RBI;
Nomar Garciaparra, .338, 11HR, 46 RBI;
Moises Alou, .348, 20 HR, 63 RBI;


Current team leaders after 134 games:
BA:  W. Clark .358,  A-Rod .347, Giles .326
OB:  A-Rod .466, W. Clark .455, Giles .439
Slg: A-Rod: .655, W. Clark .644, Giles .624
HRs: A-Rod 34, Giles 32, Thome 31
Runs: A-Rod 127, Giles 115, W. Clark 103
RBIS: Giles 115, Ramirez 109, A-Rod 96

Wins: Nomo 14, A. Lopez 13, Castillo 11
Saves: Percival 34
ERA (starter): W.Williams 4.08, Castillo 4.77
ERA (reliver): Wall 2.08