2000 Constitution Changes

Voted in October 6th, 2000

Change #1: When a fielder is responsible for holding a running a on the x-chart, only the # symbols on the chart turn into hits. He WILL NOT have to degrade his range. Only if a fielder is playing in & holding a runner will both the # symbols & range penalities come into play.

Change #2: A pitcher will now only be dotted if he gives up 5 runs in one inning. We have removed the 6 runs in 2 innings & 7 runs in 3 innings dot rule.

Change #3: The trading deadline has now changes. Trades are now unlimited to game 60 but the 101-120 trade period has been abolished. Trades are also immediate, this will prevent a player from playing on 2 teams at the same time. The 4 game leeway is in effect. For example, Team A has played 50 games & Team B has played 20 games. If Team A trades a player to Team B, the trade is immediate but Team B cannot use the player until game 46. If Team B trades a player to Team A, the trade is immediate & Team A can use the player immediately.

Change #4: When stealing 2nd base, if a runner does not get his lead, he is only penalizied -2 on the second number. Previously, this was -4. When stealing 3rd, the -4 still comes into play.

Chip will co-manage the Jaybirds next year. The AL will look into playing online games with Jami next year to keep him involved in the league. Since many of the details of the online game have yet to be worked out (price, availability, etc.), a decision on how this will work will be decided later. Jami will have full control of the Jaybirds for trading and will work with Chip on rest/lineups next year.

League Officers:

Chip Foster - Commissioner

Richard Deyerle - AL Prez

Dave Caddell - NL Prez

Mike Kulver will own the Stampede next year & now has full trading rights. Jim Proffitt will continue to manage the Bandits (PowerStation?) next year.

Jim Proffitt & Tim Turner will be on the awards committee.

Laura Easton & other wives will be coordinating the banquet this year.

Chip Foster will be obtaining trophies for the league.