2002 Constitution Changes

Voted in November 24th, 2002 - Richard Deyerle's house

The following rules were voted in by the league for 2002

  1. 40 games AND 125 plate appearances is required for playoff + pre-122 game roster qualification
    Note: This was a clarification no vote was needed
  2. Changing the second number stealing rule from -2 to -3 for steals from 1st.
  3. Eliminating hi/low 20 dice during league play
  4. Hit & Run Proposal
    To be consistent with strat rules, I propose that if a player has not successfully established his lead, the hit & run may still be attempted. If the batter misses the pitch, the runner goes at the standard second number. If the runner is at second base and has failed to get his lead, he is automatically out.
  5. No proxy votes are allowed during league votes
  6. Playoff reliever rules (per series)
    40-50 IP: 4 X pow
    51-60 IP: 5 X pow
    61-70 IP: 6 X pow
    71-85 IP: 7 X pow
    86-above: unlimited

    No reliever may pitch more than 5 IP in consecutive games. Games that go beyond the 10th inning do not count towards total (except consecutive games limitation).
  7. Injuries in the playoff are only limited to the rest of the game
    Note: This was a clarification no vote was needed
  8. Managers who obtain starter-reliever (underlined) or reliever-starter (underlined) pitchers in a trade can change their status from starter to starter-reliever or reliever to starter-reliever, as long as their total stats do not exceed the players new limitations.
    Note: This was a clarification no vote was needed
  9. Commissionership can be shared among 2 individuals if voted upon by the league.
  10. Mike Parker will have his dues waived for his work maintaining the website
    (thanks guys .. the money isn't as big deal as the acknowledgement from the league that they appreciate the job I do for the league)


The following rules were NOT passed by the league

  1. Ballparks
    Before each league draft, new parks can be taken with ANY pick. These parks must be unique (parks not previously taken). Teams that are changing parks need to declare it prior to the draft. Same rules as before... AL teams take AL parks in the AL draft & vice versa for NL teams.
  2. Extra Draft Pick
    Reward all teams that get their games played and their final stats in on time. The "reward" would be an extra round draft pick
  3. Go back to 15 rounds, 27 minimum roster
  4. Adopt the Strat Home Run Robbing Rule.
    On a HR Split if you roll the last number for a HR or first number for a flyout then you re-roll the 20 and the OF Range rating will determine if we have a big fly or a fly out.

Other league business

Pat & Randy were elected & appointed as co-commissioners for the 2003 season

Jeff Easton & Tommy Stefi were nominated as AL & NL league presidents

Trophies will be given out at the draft

Don Leigers will be the Bulls co-manager for the 2003 season

Banquet is Friday Dec. 6 @ 6:30 at Hong Kong King Buffet on Midlothian turnpike.