2004 League Meeting

October 24th, 2004 - Pat Jennings house

A quorum was present for all votes

The following rules were approved by the league

  1. Dues will increase to $40/year for every franchise. Managers having multiple teams will pay only half price dues for the second team.  **
  2. Any pitcher who allows eight runs must immediately be removed from the game **
  3. Starters (non-asterisked) must have 4 days of rest between starts.  Pitchers that are asterisked can start on 3 days of rest.  This does not apply in the playoffs (all pitchers can pitch on 3 days of rest).  Double-headers will also be eliminated to prevent teams from needing 6 starters on their roster.
  4. No starter may pitch more than 10 innings **
  5. Removed the ability for a starter to be pulled prior to the 5th inning if a team is down by 3 runs.  A starter can only be pulled prior to the 5th inning if he is dotted, injured, or given up 5 runs.
  6. Frozen Teams/Contraction
    ”When the 15 man rosters are due, if a team does not have an active manager, then the team will be frozen by the commissioner.  All players on the roster will be non-tradable and unavailable in the draft. In addition, any draft picks for that team for the current draft will be void.   After one year, if the team is still un-managed, all players will go back into the draft pool as available in that year’s draft (if they have card from Strat-o-Matic).  If a manager is found to take over the team, he will have the option of selecting his 15 man keepers from the frozen players and will draft 1st in the league draft.” **
  7. Removed the ability to use a starter on two days rest in the playoffs.  **

Note: Rules marked with a double asterisk ** will be implemented for the 2005 season.  Those unmarked will be implemented for the 2006 season.

RSBL 2004 Rule Clarifications

  1. Changes to the Constitution (page 1) the last sentence will be modified to read.
    “The cutoff date for new rule proposals will be September 1st or other specified date set by the commissioner.

  2.  Changes to Team Management (page 2)
    ”Managers who own two teams will have two votes at the league meeting”

  3. Changes to switching leagues
    Add the following line… ”Teams interested in switching leagues are to confidentially contact their league president and/or commissioner”

  4. Inter-league Play (page 3)
    (A) ”If the number of teams in either league are unbalanced due to expansion or contraction, inter-league play will be suspended.” 
    (B) “If a manager has teams in both leagues that are scheduled to play in inter-league play, his team with the worst record from the previous year will flip-flop with the team in the closest bracket that does not play his team.”

  5. Statistics
    ”To prevent over usage, individual stats are required to be kept for players traded to other teams”

  6. Draft (page 4)
    (A) ”If the league becomes unbalanced where one league has more teams than the other, Milwaukee will always be drafted from the league with the greater number of teams.   If the league is balanced, Milwaukee Brewer players will be drafted in the American League draft.”
    (B) “Players that spend time in both leagues, will be drafted in the league with the greater number of games played.  If that is tied, then at-bats or innings pitched will be used to determine the drafting league.  If still tied, the player’s last team played on will determine what league he will be drafted in”

  7. Rosters – starter/relievers (page 4)
    ”Players declared as starter-relievers can relieve pre-121 only if he meets the reliever requirements (40 innings OR 40 appearances) & start only if he meets the starter requirements (10 starts)”

  8. Rosters – post-122 game moves
    “After game 121, any player sent down only needs to stay down a minimum of 10 games.  There will be no minimum games that player needs to remain up”

  9. Delayed Injuries (page 5)
    In addition the players running ability will become a 1 & he will not be able to steal.

  10. The -1/+1 adjustment for being held/not being held
    When a runner is held on first or second, subtract 1 from his running rating when that rating is needed to determine whether he can advanced an extra base on another player's hit.  If the runner in unheld on first or second AND there isn't a lead runner in front of the runner, add 1 to his running rating.

  11. Closer rule:
    During a closer situation, the closer rule determines the pitcher endurance during THAT game.  His POW rating determines if he will be normal/dotted the NEXT game. 

  12. Relievers limited to 7 IP
    Update the rule "relievers are limited to 7 innings" with the exception "unless he is the last pitcher on your team".

Other league business