2005 League Meeting

October 22th, 2005 - Jeff Easton's house

A quorum was present for all votes

The following rules were approved by the league

  1. All passed rule changes will take effect immediately unless otherwise noted
  2. All Injuries will be remainder of the game only
  3. Playoff usage - At bat limited players
    For players who were at-bat limited during the season, first check the key based on their games played like normal, then subtract one 'start' and add an extra pinch-hit appearance. For example, a batter with 115 games who is at-bat limited would get 4 starts and 2 pinch hit appearances in the playoffs.
  4. Playoff usage - relievers
    The following table will be used for reliever eligibility

      1 POW 2 POW 3+ POW
    40-50 IP 5 IP 6 IP 8 IP
    51-60 IP 6 IP 8 IP 10 IP
    61-70 IP 7 IP 9 IP 12 IP
    71-85 IP 8 IP 11 IP 14 IP
    86+ IP 9 IP 13 IP 16 IP


  5. Allow any team the right to change their ball park without compensation (i.e. 5th round draft pick) if they have had their same ball park for at least a 3 year period. Also, all available ball parks should also be announced before the draft.
  6. League dues will be reduced to $35 a year

The following rules were voted in 2004 & will be implemented in 2006

  1. Starters (non-asterisked) must have 4 days of rest between starts.  Pitchers that are asterisked can start on 3 days of rest.  This does not apply in the playoffs (all pitchers can pitch on 3 days of rest).  Double-headers will also be eliminated to prevent teams from needing 6 starters on their roster.
  2. Removed the ability for a starter to be pulled prior to the 5th inning if a team is down by 3 runs.  A starter can only be pulled prior to the 5th inning if he is dotted, injured, or given up 5 runs.

Other league business