2008 League Meeting

October 10th, 2008 - Charlie Allen's house

A quorum was present for all votes

Rule Changes

  1. Change the trade deadline to include the date June 15th as well as the 81 games played.
  2. Add the following modification under “Playoffs”

    All ties involving first place & fourth place playoff eligibility will be decided by a one game playoff, with all stats from the playoff games becoming part of the regular season totals, although player limits will not be affected. This game (game 163) occurs on the day immediately after game 162 so the pitching rotation & rest must take this into consideration. All other divisional ties will be decided on head to head competition and if still tied, a coin flip will determine draft order.

     The first round of the playoffs will start on the day immediately following game 163 and pitching rotation and rest must take this into consideration for teams emerging from game 163 and advancing into the first round of the playoffs. This also means that any team not involved with the one-game playoff that will meet the winner of game 163 will have one day off following the end of their regular season (game 162).

  3. Clarification under “New Owners” to avoid confusion on the priorities

    First priority will be given to any team’s co-manager who wishes to manage the available franchise. This co-manager must have been active in playing games and taking part in League activities to the satisfaction of League Officers.

    Second priority will be given to potential new owners not currently in the league in any capacity who are interested in managing a team

  4. Change the statement  "If a 163 game playoff is necessary to break a tie, the playoff loser picks first, then alternates." to the following "If a 163 game playoff is necessary to break a tie, the playoff loser will have a worse regular season record and will have the higher draft seed throughout the draft" 

    A playoff game is considered a regular season game, so technically the loser of the playoff game has a worse regular season record, and is lower in the standings and should draft in that slot throughout the draft.

  5. A committee of Mike Parker, Mike Thurston, & Jim Proffit will overview the current advanced groundball chart & will propose changes to the league.  The changes will be voted upon by the league before the draft.

  6. There was a conflict in the constitution between the number of pitchers required on playoff teams.  A 2006 rule addition added a qualification of 10 pitchers for a legal roster, but the Playoff section retained a sentence allowing a minimum of 9 pitchers on a playoff roster.  By commissioner ruling due to the confusion, the 2008 playoffs teams only need a minimum of 9 pitchers on their roster.  From 2009 onward, 10 pitchers will be necessary on a playoff roster.

Other league business