2010 League Meeting

November 6th, 2010 - Jeff Easton's house

A quorum was present for all votes

Rule Changes

  1. If a team ruled ineligible for the playoffs finishes 4th place or higher, give the highest eligible team a 1st round bye while the other two lower eligible playoff teams will face each other in the divisional series.  
  2. Any starting pitcher that has given up 5+ runs will be automatically dotted past their dot inning. Pitchers already past their POW will automatically be dotted when they surrender 5+ runs.  For example,a pitcher that surrenders 5 runs with a 6 inning point of weakness will be dotted facing the first batter in the 7th. The other dotting rules past POW (3 hits/walks in an inning, 4 hits/walks in two innings) will continue to be used.
  3. Eliminate the outfield overthrow.

Other league business