2012 League Meeting

November 10th, 2012 - Jeff Easton's house

A quorum was present for all votes

Rule Changes

  1. Delayed injuries
    In addition to the current delayed injury rules, the injured player must use the Pitcher 1 weak card.

  2. Changes to active roster player eligibility
    Beginning in the 2014 season, players kept on the 15 man roster can be used on the active roster even if they do not meet eligibility requirements. This ability is waived if the player changes teams at any time post-protection. The kept player could play in the regular season, but would be ineligible for the playoffs. Any player acquired after 15 man keepers, either through trade or the draft, would still be subject to the normal eligibility rules.

  3. Trade deadline
    Move the trade deadline back to June 15th.

  4. Roster restrictions
    Use plate appearances vs. at bats for roster eligibility

  5. Safety squeeze
    Eliminate the safety squeeze


  1. For a trade to be official, an e-mail needs to be sent to the trade secretary, roster keeper, and the other affected manager

  2. Managers taking over vacant teams will draft behind the non-playoff teams and before the playoff teams

Other league business

  1. Craig Eddy will be rejoining the RSBL in 2013 and has full GM capabilities with the Reds.  Don Leigers will be playing games for the Reds until Craig is ready to take over.
  2. Scott Thurston will be taking over the vacated Nationals.  His new team name will be the Bisons.
  3. The Reds, Whales, & Venom will be moving to the NL
  4. The Uncallables, Nationals, & Roadrunners will be moving to the AL

  5. Jim Proffit & Earl Estes will work on setting up the banquet sometime in early January
  6. Draft is scheduled for February 15th/16th.  Due to possabilities with card delays or weather, please keep the following weekend open.