2014 League Meeting

November 8th, 2014 - Jeff Easton's house

THe only rule proposals to pass were: 
# 4 - relievers eligibility reduced to 40 games OR 40 innings. This will happen with the upcoming draft 
# 6- playoff teams can adjust their 25 man rosters after each round. Obviously this will start with next years season. 

The banquet will be on January 3rd. Shane and Fred are searching for a venue. 

Draft dates are either Feb 20 and 21st or (more likely) Feb 27 and 28th. Venue to be determined.

The Wonders have changed their name to the Monarchs. 

Chris Matthews was voted in as the new manager of the
Mustangs. Justin will be co-managing with him and helping
with roster decisions at least for the first 40 games. All
of Chris' trades will be subject to review for the first

Regarding trophies, I will be gathering 3 or 4 ideas to
reduce the number of trophies and will post them on the
website for everyone to vote on. 

We will be adding a clause into the constitution addressing
actively intentionally trying to lose games.