2015 League Meeting

November 14th, 2015 - Jeff Easton's house

Major news:
The Uncallables and the Knights teams will be frozen for one year. The whales will be taken over by Tim Turner for the 2016 season. Due to the future picks that were already agreen upon by the Knights, those will still be in effect. We will randomly assign a draft position for the knights(and UC if necessary) for seeding those picks that were already traded. This will be done after the 2016 draft.

The following rules proposals were passed:
#6 The third priority for a vacant franchise that allows an existing league member to give up his team and take a vacant team has been eliminated.

#8 The following minimum requirements for teams to start the season.
 - AL team must have 1458 games and 300 innings of relief.
 - NL team must have 1296 games and 300 innings of relief.
If You do not cover these requirements by the end of the draft you will be penalized a 5th round(or next higher) pick.

Other news:

Lewis and Shane were elected to be Co- commissioners for the 2016 season.

15 man rosters need to be posted on the Website no later than Monday November 16th at Midnight.

Banquet location to be determined.