2016 League Meeting

November 5th, 2016 - Jeff Easton's house

Major news:
We would like to welcome Mike Crusco to the league. He will work with the returning Don Leigers (Uncallables) for the first 80 games of the year. Mike will also get to draft the Bulls team (but they will not play this year) and that will be his future club after this season.

The TazDevils will be moving to the NL to restore the balance of teams this year to 10 and 10,

The Bulls will resume playing in 2018 (frozen 2017) and the Mermen franchise is frozen.

The following rules proposals were passed:
#6 - If a manager has quit the league previously without providing sufficient notice, they must receive two thirds supermajority in order to receive a new franchise. 

League Officers for 2017:
Co Commissioners: Craig Eddy, Don Leigers
League Presidents- National- Justin Harmon American- Scott Thurston
Trade Keeper ( Rosters and Draft Boards)- Richard Deyerle
Records and NL Stats- Keith Gilmore
Treasurer and AL Stats- Mike Thurston

Other news:

Protection Rosters- Please post under the "Posting Your 15 Keepers" topic. Deadline for Protection Rosters is 9 PM November 18.