2017 League Meeting

October 21st, 2017 - Jeff Easton's house

The 2017 season will be extended until Nov 15.
Protections will be announced Nov 15
We will play a 162 game schedule in 2018
There will be 17 teams in the RSBL in 2018 9 in the AL, 8 in the NL
There will be interleague play in 2018
The dispersal draft will include 5 teams Bulls, Mermen, Raiders, Bimbos, Wizards
The draft will be conducted after the 2017 playoffs and consist of a 4 round snake style draft via e-mail.
The league voted to randomly select the dispersal draft order. The draft order is:
1 Mike P
2 Richard
3 Jim
4 John
5 Earl
6 Don
7 Craig
8 Mike T
9 Jeff
10 Scott
11 Tim
12 Sam
13 Chris
14 Shane
15 Dave
16 Justin
17 Lewis

The 2018 regular draft will be 18 rounds as always, so due to the dispersal draft, all teams will have increased roster sizes for 2018.
Dues for 2018 will be reduced to $20 due to our healthy league account balance. We will revisit the cost of dues every year and decide on an amount based on the financial health of the RSBL.
Craig Eddy was elected Commissioner.
Earl volunteered to organize the banquet and social events throughout the year
Don volunteered to work on an interleague schedule and to keep the standings up to date
Mike T will continue to compile AL stats
Jeff volunteered to compile NL stats

-Scott has agreed to serve as AL President
-Justin has agreed to serve as NL President
-Chris has agreed to keep the draft boards up to date after Richard completes his update by Oct 31