2023 League Meeting

January 13th, 2024

Meeting results:

The Madhatters will be frozen as no replacement manager was identified. The Draft Board will be adjusted accordingly.

Proposals considered:
1. - Adopt tie-breaking criteria for post-season play based on MLB rules which is based on face-to-face record to determine playoff eligibility rather than a one-game playoff (game 163) – PASSED.
2. – Allow “asterisked” pitchers to throw games 1, 4, and 7 in playoff series – NOT PASSED.
3. – No longer ignore playoff relief innings after the 12th inning. All innings shall be applied to relievers innings threshold unless a pitcher is only remaining pitcher and must finish a game – PASSED.
4. – Change Single ++ outcome for infielders not part of an “infield in” strategy (i.e. not a allow a two-base single to third and first basemen that are positioned in “corners in” scenario) – NOT PASSED.
5. – Ignore appropriate 2B/SS hold ratings with runners on first base – NOT PASSED.
6. – Create lottery for bottom 3 finishers for the draft order with 50% chance for last place team, 35% chance for second to last place team and 15% chance for third to last place team. Any team with an acquired draft pick that is lottery eligible that otherwise would not be eligible for the lottery will not be eligible to participate in the lottery – NOT PASSED.
7. – Reinitiate the protection of a ghost player who did not meet the thresholds for RSBL play that would not count against the 15-man protection list. Players without a ghost player would be allowed an additional draft pick. Initiate this in after the 2024 season – PASSED.
8. – With regard to draft order for teams with the same records, the team that wins the season face-to-face series would be awarded the earlier pick. If season series is tied, teams will alternate draft order – PASSED.
9. – Statistics – all DP shall be recorded, not just Grounded into Double Plays – PASSED
10. – Statistics – all pitcher errors must be recorded – PASSED
11. – Teams that are delinquent in turning their stats in within the two-weeks specified after each deadline (40, 81, 121, after World Series) will not be allowed to make trades until their stats are turned in (Commissioner discretion allowed) – PASSED.
12. – Members will vote for MVP and Cy Young award winners after the regular season – PASSED.
13. – STARTING Pitcher Limitations – This was introduced to try to limit the amount of complete games our league experiencess. Any starting pitcher that has allowed 5 runs or more before reaching his POW, must be removed before pitching an inning beyond his POW. In addition, any dotted starting pitcher cannot pitch an inning beyond his POW inning unless he is throwing a no-hitter or a shutout - PASSED. All agreed to revisit this at next year’s meeting to determine if this was a success or if other corrective measures should be made.
14. – All teams must draft a minimum of 450 relief innings – PASSED.
15. – Drafts will now be 20 rounds to allow for drafting of sufficient relief innings – PASSED.

All current officers were willing to continue to serve in those capacities.