1999 Constitution Changes

1.      Managers can remove pitchers after the 5th inning regardless of score or runs allowed.

2.      Change Playoff qualifications for hitters from “40 games OR 125 plate appearance” to “40 games AND 125 plate appearances”.

3.      Double (no stars) can advance batter to third using cutoff rule

New SOM rules for 2000 - PLATE BLOCKERS
A new rule for catchers blocking the plate will apply as part of the Super Advanced cut-off rule. Here's how it works: Whenever there is a play at the plate, the catcher's defensive ability may be challenged, and it can make the difference between a runner being called safe or out. The rule comes into play when you are rolling the 20-sided dice to determine if the runner is safe or out at home. If the last number in the safe range or the first number in the out range is selected, then the catcher's ability will be checked with another roll of the 20-sided die. For instance, if the safe range (after all adjustments have been made) is 1-14 and you roll a 14 or a 15 on the 20-sided die then you must roll the 20-sided dice again and refer to the following chart to determine if the runner is safe or out:

Catcher Rating:     Safe           Out
         1          1-2            3-20
         2          1-6            7-20
         3          1-10           11-20
         4          1-14           15-20
         5          1-18           19-20


New playoff limitation rules:

Playoff eligibility: 40 games or 125 PA for batters; 40 games/40 IP for relievers; & 10 starts for starters remain in place!


40-65 games = 2 starts + 1 PH appearance
66-85 games = 3 starts + 1 PH appearance
86-105 games = 4 starts + 1 PH appearance
106-120 games = 5 starts + 1 PH appearance
121 + games = No Limits

Starting Pitchers:

10-17 starts = 1 playoff start
18-25 starts = 2 playoff starts
26 + starts  = 3 playoff starts

Relief Pitchers:

No games limits, however, no reliever may pitch more than 2 times his endurance rating, unless he is the last available eligible pitcher.  (Remember that starters are eligable to relieve in the playoffs as specified in the constitution).  This should alleviate the "Shaw Factor"

New strat rule:
Bases loaded and corners or infield in, downgrade the bunting rating TWO levels instead of one.