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2000 RSBL News from Chip Foster


NOTES…. As you can see I have elected to use the very simplistic winning percentage formula to calculate league standings. After one mailing I believe there is a better way to get this information out, and to my chagrin, it will be e-mail. If you wish to receive a mailed copy, I will be more than happy to accommodate, just let me know. PLEASE e-mail me by the 1st and 15th of each month with your records and any news, trades, player offerings, playing schedule, etc. that you wish to report. I will format the standings and e-mail everything within 2 days (hopefully).

League HIGHLIGHTS – The Turkey’s John Halama’s masterful NO-HITTER against the Bulls. After reviewing the cards, Earl elected to try a lefty to neutralize Griffey and the Grand Dali Halama  responded, surrendering only a walk and hit batter. Congratulations.  As I have said in the past, lefties rule. Doubters should refer to the RSBL history book…chapter on D. Caddell.

PERDO corner – Yes!!, It’s back. The BAGWELL watch is now officially the PEDRO corner.

2 – 0, 3.71, 17 innings pitched, 32 Ks!!! If not for Dave Caddell’s blistering of the best pitcher in baseball, these numbers would have been more dominating. Following a 4 hit, 13 K outing against the Pods, the MADhatters came out swinging, and clubbed an unbelievable 4 HRs and 9 hits in a 14 - 7 loss. A 5th HR chance, launched by BOBBY FICK (1-18) was snagged at the wall by a leaping Tom Goodwin (20). The ‘hatters were truly swinging with a Mercenaries record of 19 Ks.