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1996 RSBL News from Chip Foster

LEAGUE NOTES ...Congratulations to the respective playoff teams and especially to the league for FINISHING ON TIME !!! Get your stats into the respective guys, Tim in the NL & Mike Thurston in the AL. Also, have a nomination ready for your team MVP, Cy Young, Fireman of the Year, and overall Manager of the Year. Have supporting stats for each player nomination. Thanks.
PLAYOFFS ...The National League representatives have been determined!! Ed Oregon has advanced to the World Series, by dispatching the Ducks in 6 games and the Madhatters (winner in 6 over the Bulls) in 7.
The American League began its playoffs with the Black Sox cruising by the Jaybirds in 4. The Twins after taking the series against the Uncallables defeated the Black Sox in 5 games. The World Series will be between the Outlaws & Twins!
BANQUET .... Fox & Hounds, Jan. 3rd, 1997 (Friday) @ 6 pm

LEAGUE NOTES ...It looks like everyone is right on schedule. I would appreciate a call from each league member as soon as your season is complete. If I haven't heard by you by Oct. 29th, expect a call. keep knocking those games out.
Congrats or condolences to our new commissioner, Mike Thurston. Good Luck!!
Overall the league meeting went fairly well. At least no punches were thrown. Several minor changes were voted in the most notable being expansion of 2 teams for 1998. As soon as Mike Thurston and I get together, these changes will appear formally, in writing.
Several very good suggestions came out of the meeting. Thanks to those who brought well thought out ideas. One which I particularly like was Mr. Deyerle's proposal that anything passed be effective for 3 years, thereby avoiding much of the dead horse beating we tend to do.
Thanks to Mike Parker for all the work he has been doing on the Constitution, the league wide strategy or play chart will be a welcome addition.
ON THE BLOCK ... The Ducks are interested in moving the following players ... Mark Carreon, Mike Jackson, and Doug Bochtler.

LEAGUE NOTES .... DUES!! If you owe'em, pay'em. Get with Mike Thurston as soon as possible to make some type of arrangement. If dues are not paid, trading will be suspended for those teams. Thanks!!
ON THE BLOCK ....Jaybirds advise that everyone but Langston and B. Williams are for sale at the right price. The Bimbos are still trying to trade K. Seitzer, I wish I could use him! .300+ hitter against both lefties & righties, 2 positions! The Stampede are shopping David Segui, another quality bat! The Mercenaries are still trying to trade Hanson or Drabek to pitching starved teams. The price is very affordable. One will go, one will stay. The outlaws are looking to trade any of the following players. Ed advised he is seeking a left handed hitting 1st baseman. On the block are... G. Gagne, C. Gomez, T. Worrell, S. Hitchcock, J. Vizcaino, and Carlos Baerga.
Looks like quite a race is developing in the the American League. The National league race is also heating up. Everyone is on pace for a timely conclusion to the regular season with about 2 months to go. Thanks!

STRAT-O-THON (final one) and 1996 LEAGUE MEETING
Games begin at 9 am with the League Meeting scheduled for 3pm. Following the meeting games can continue provided we have someone to man the lodge. Come ready to discuss issues. Expected topics.... Plausibility of Expansion, Dice rolling (my monologue), rule changes or clarifications, the Banquet, and other well formulated ideas. Call me if you plan to address something. Also be ready with nominations for officers and be ready to vote. THANKS!!! See you there.

LEAGUE NOTES .... It looks like things are proceeding nicely in the games played department. Remember our next deadline of November 1st for the end of the regular season. Our next Strat-o-thon will probably be our league meeting, with time set aside at the end for anyone wishing to play. There are several things which are up for consideration. Probably already circulating throughout the league grapevine is the issue of expansion. This needs to be adressed, both pros and cons, in an intelligent manner. Presently, Tim has a candidate who is extreemly interested in a National League franchise. He vouches for the individual's character, however we won't this against him. Also, my cousin, Kerry Foster has expressed an interest. Primarily a strat football player, Kerry is familure with the game and should have no trouble making the transition. He and I have played football extensively, completing several season replays. He has shown some interest so I'm sending him a league constitution for review. Although it's not a problem for southsiders or those from central Chesterfield, Kerry does reside in Colonial Heights. Remember, we will need at least 2 teams to expand and have to address questions like draft position and inter league play. Don't worry , any expansion team will not be getting the 1st pick in each round. I favor the last pick in each round as suggested by Richard. Additionally, I would probably place some type of restriction on trades, and would advocate the the elimination of inter-league play. The addition of 2 more teams reduces the number played in your respective league. These are just considerations which need to be thought about. bring your ideas and other well formulated changes, etc. to our upcomming meeting. Also get your STATS in !!
OFFENSIVE FIASCOS ...In the final game of a 4 game series, the Bulls and Mercenaries squared off for a low scoring 20 to 12, NFL game won by da' Bulls. In that game Bonds & Griffey were a combined 8 for 11 with 5 HRs. Bonds paced the two with 3 homers and 7 RBIs. As a team the Bulls smashed 7 total. We've all had something similar occur like this already this season, but how about Richard & Terry's pitching debacle. A recent 7 game series played in what Terry has begun calling the 1-19 ballparks adopted by us feelless ones Pacific League Coast Parks, ended at 3 a.m. with a 5 to 2 Black Sox advantage. In this series which featured 112 runs scored, 183 hits, and 113 LOB, was the amazing total of 41 HRs. I believe Terry hit 21 and Richard 20. Talk about giving your stats a boost!! However, not wanting to depress you pitching lovers, one individual came to pitch... Jose Mesa ... 5.2 IP, 2 H, 1 BB, 6 K, 0 runs, 1 win, & 4 saves. Nice job!!! Keep on Playing & trading!!!!!! Trades have really picked up with the Rebels leading the way.

The 100 game deadline passed with most teams making the cut. Nonetheless, I am appreciative for the efforts made by those teams which were a little behind. The penalty voted last year was for the commissioner to take the offending team and play the necessary games. Sorry, not going to happen. I love STRAT but not that much. Also, not enough time. Keep playing, we are ahead of last years pace. Thanks.
Congratulations to Denise & Pat Manual. Although a little early, the Manuals are the proud parents of a strapping boy, Ken Griffey Manual, Esq..... just kidding Johnathan Brady Manual.... 7 plus lbs. Both are doing great!!
IN THE TRADING MOOD... Jamie and the Jaybirds are shopping Ashby and Nomo, Only serious individuals need apply. Randy and the Whales are looking to deal before the 120 game mark. He says he has no real pitching to deal, but several bats which might benefit someone.
STATS..... Jose Canesco 26 HR / 265 AB, Terry requests you keep throwing lefties!! In a recent 5 game series against the Uncallables, Todd jones nearly died pitching in all 5 games: 8.2 IP, 2 ER, 9 K, 2 wins, & 1 save.. Nice job! and the big stat, no HR vs. Don. I know he loved that.

Deadlines! Don't forget the league deadlines agreed upon at last year's meeting: 100 games played & 81 game stats due by August 1st. (NL stats to Tim & AL stats to Mike Thurston) Please don't make my job difficult. If you're more than 15-20 games from 100 you need to get on your horse, and as Blocher says "make a big push". If you are in need of games and still need to play me, CALL! I'll adjust my schedule. Regular season will be completed by November 1st. Thanks in advance for your continued cooperation and enthusiam.
Still looking for input for future updates. Stats, Insights, Want Ads, whatever! Terry is looking into a group function at the Diamond (Richmond Braves ballpark). If interested let us know so we can get a general count. "Strat-o-Thon" sometime in late August - early September. This will be the year's final.

The recent Strat-A-Thon was a success. Thanks for American League Pres Terry Maguire for all his help, both with staying at the lodge and compiling league records. Unless records are called in, the updates will be farther and farther apart. I appreciate his initiative and wish the National League Pres was as motivated. ZING!! Also, thanks to all those who helped clean up our mess. The next strat day is tenatively scheduled for Sat. June 22nd. It is not yet written in stone, so plan now. If the date changes your league presidents will be calling about the new date. Paul Blocher has volunteered to stay the duration, Thanks!!! Until next time, keep playing and pick up the phone.

As expected offence is up once again. Last week 2 players smashed 4 consecutive HRs in a game...One was somewhat unlikely while the other understandable...The great Tony Gwynn went 5 for 5 with 6 RBI's and missed a split on his last AB, which would have given him5 HRs. Instead he settled for a double. Dave was his usual gloating self. In true Pat Jennings fashion Jay Buhner went 4 for 5 with 11 RBIs in a 14-8 win over the Black Sox. And probably the most amazing game came from Tommy Stefi managed Rebels destroying the Bimbos 31-4 in the final game of a 4 game split.In the game the Rebels batted around 4 consecutive innings!! Robin Ventura & Fred McGriff led the barrage, both going 6 for 7, with Ventura collecting 11 RBIs. Unbelievable!!

The season seems to be progressing along nicely. Not a lot of news to report at this time other than the "NO-HITTER" thrown by the Bishop's Tim Wakefield against the Bandits. Unfortunately for the Bishop this was their only win in a 5 game series, but an exciting and great accomplishment nonetheless. Their seems to be some type of genetic thing with the Leiger brothers and NO-NO's. However, I believe Don's no-hitter by Pedro last year was his one win in a 5 gamer. At least, Jerry decided to take the series over the great pitching performance. Sorry Don, only kidding. Congratulations to Tim for completing 100 games faster than anyone in the history of STRAT!!