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1997 RSBL News from Chip Foster

In one of the longest call-ins in recent memory, we finally have all the records. The past several weeks have been extremely eventful, from the Baltimore trip to the Jerry Strat-o-thon. To say the least, things have gotten interesting as they always tend to do after we all think we're getting stagnant. Keep it up, it makes everything more fun. To begin with the TRIP was great. With myself, Jamie,Mike P., Richard, and Dave, there was some serious talk, not to mention, TONNAGE, on board. If anyone had said I would enjoy spending an entire afternoon, much less a night with Dave Caddell, I would have sent you immediately to Tuckers mental health. But I must be called on this one. Dave was a joy, and very enjoyable, much the gentleman. Without his exotic imagination, many of the trades may never have taken place. I know everyone has an opinion about trades, but it was plain *FUN*. Whenever the following names appear, you know there was some serious stuff being thrown around.... Jim Thome, Ken Caminiti, Cal Ripken, Spiers, Ausmus (all traded) and Pedro Martinez, Randy Johnson, Knoblauch, Manny Ramirez, IVAN (owner not present), Schilling, Neagle, Piazza, and the list goes on. In summary, if you were there or not, Dave could trade your players. Nonetheless, I plan a big trip next year. Keep on me to make the arrangements. I have a service in mind.

Jerry's Strat-o-Thon was well planed and enjoyable. I perfer these to the lodge event. The most memorable moment came when the TWINS Greg Maddux NO HIT one of the strongest teams in recent years, the TIGERS with 2 walks, 1 HBP, and 7 Ks. WOW!!! Another interesting game occurred some time ago when pending MGR. of the year, Don Leigers, squared off against tha' BULLS. In COW PATTY PASTURE, with Smoltz going against Jimmy Key, both teams pummelled the ball to the tune of a 1-0 Key win.

Uncallables 1r 1h 0e 2 lob
Bulls 0r 1h 1e 2 lob

That my friend is one strange line score!!!!
Reguardless of the naysayers the league is doing well, however we really need to look closely at the expansion issue and evaluate each of our committments. It takes time, but as much as we BITCH it's worth it. Don't call mike Thurston or myself this coming weekend Sept 12th, as we will be together with our families. Albert Belle will be mine!! JUST KIDDING!!


Great call in!! I only had to make a couple of calls and those were mostly due to vacations by various members. Lets continue the wonderful trend. It looks as if some interesting races are developing for the forth playoff spot in each league. As the number of games played by each team gets closer together, we should have a couple of barnburners. And unlike the major leagues, our contenders or pretenders (your choice) play each other down the stretch. I personally have the majority of my games with the Whales, Tbirds, and Phoenix. Also I believe the Phoenix and Black Sox have yet to play. That should make for interesting fireworks and possession of first place. Until next time keep rolling those bones.

Not much to report. As usual the call in was pathetic. Even after the Strat-A-Thon I still had only 6 records, 4 of which I received while playing. Regardless, if anyone is interested or can remember, the next call in will be AUGUST 1st. Go ahead and skip July 15th. Until I get more calls or news, I am going to go through this process once per month. Thanks to those who called in.

The Thon went well nontheless. Everyone seemed to have a good time and the turn out was execellent. Dave Caddell had a good idea of meeting once per monthin the same fashon, somewhere. Even though the format is not always conducive for some to winning, or playing for that matter, the talk is worth the price of admission. Even if I don't play I would still make a stop by. Don Leigers definately enjoys these functions, finishing Saturday with an 8-2 record. His final game with the Whales ended with a 4 run, 2 out rally in the 9th against Guzman (yes, 19 on both sides) highlighted by a D. Lewis error (1e5) and either a 1 or 2, 1 to 3 HRs. Randy took the loss like a gentleman and commented that he has had considerable practice since everyone has been doing the same thing all year.

From the Mercenaries corner Ken Caminiti continues his assult on all types of pitching. In his last 4 games played, Cam has gone 14 for 19, scoring 9 times, and now the unbelievable part...24 runs batted in.

Remember to call your records in sometime around the first & fifteenth of each month. As it stands now I have to make at least 12-15 calls each update. This has considerably affected the frequency of the mailings. Speaking of phone calls, I am already hearing grumblings from the masses about the lack of calls. Since the games are getting played I suppose we can't be too critical, however some people don't envy playing 13 or 14 of 20 games against one team. If you don't want to play at least return calls. If I have slighted anyone accept my apology. And yesssss, the phone works both ways... if it's not ringing, try dialing and well you know the drill.

Strat-a-Thon June 21 or 28th TBA ... More to follow
I believe Pat Manual said it first, but I'll repeat it... Keith Gilmore is the MAN!!!! How else can you explain the Tony Clark for Andres Galarraga trade? Last year when we were all either publically or privately (Keith didn't care) lambasting him, Keith just sat back confident in his baseball wisdom. Don't get me wrong I loved Tony Clark, but didn't we all question the deal in a major way. Well the season Clark has had so far (269 avg 384 ob 648 slg with 16 HR & 46 RBI), maybe Keith should have thrown in a few extra picks.

Trade corner and help wanted....
The Stampede are accepting offers for Mariano Rivera at the 100 game mark. He should have about 65 innings left. The Whales are not sure what direction they are headed yet but has mentioned several names... Raines, Segui, Jay Bell, and pitching... will listen to just about anything except deals using the C word (Clemens). Anyone wishing to advertise just let me know, rates are cheap.

Be sure to monitor the Mercs current trend. After reaching a season best 22 games above .500, the bats have gone into the deep freeze and stumbled through a recent 7-14 stretch to settle at 15 over. If things continue I may unload some unexpected names... who knows. The recent mauling was at the hands of the Ducks. Black Sox, and Rampage, in every conceivable fashon. BOY!! did I enjoy myself! Not to mention my opponents.

Games are proceeding nicely. Sorry about the delay in this update, I just got lazy. Even so my phone wasn't ringing off the hook with news and info. Just a few things to report. Since many are getting close, remember that 81 game stats are to be sent to the respective league representatives. (Mike Thurston for the AL'ers & Keith Gilmore for the NL'ers) The earlier the better!! I for one would like to see how my guys stack up to the rest of the league.

Dave Caddell sitting nicely & suprisingly quietly atop the NL has asked that anyone with games left against the 'Hatters contact Nick Milford for scheduling. Dave and I'm sure Nick wants as much exposure to the league as possible in prep for next year.

STATS.... Mike Thurston reports that Chris Snopek, with that nasty card against left handed pitching, has stumbled to an 0 for 17 start playing exclusively against lefties. His most recent failure was a missed 1-19 BP shot for his first hit. OUCH! Pat Jennings reports that Shane Reynolds has blasted 5 HR's. A pitcher!! Unbelieveable, even if he is a 6NR. I haven't had a pitcher hit a homer in 9 years... From the Mercenaries corner, the team has clubbed 8 grand slams between 4 players. Billy Spiers, Scott Service, and Jeff Bagwell each have 1. Ken Caminiti has 5!! This goes along with Cam's 112 RBI's after 81 games (75 played). I love that card. The team is hitting .314 with 153 HR's. In a recent 2 game start against the Rampage, Spiers had 10 RBI, 5 in each game. Until next time .....

Games continue to be played at an excellent pace. Keep up the good work.... No call in on the 1st of April, as I will be vacationing in sunny Arizona until April 10th... Some good races seem to be developing. Congrats to the Black Sox for their continued "killer pace". The Phoenix made their move and have overtaken the Mercs for second. In the NL, the Hatters continue to lead the pack, with 'da Bulls solidifying their hold on second.

STATS .... The Bulls s have adopted a new weapon for their arsenal, allowing Kenny Lofton the luxory of stealing any time. If I'm not mistaken, I believe he may have stolen first base off several of my pitchers!! After 45 games, Lofton has 40 SBs.

Caminiti continues to carry my team, after 68 games (64 played), Cam has a .360 avg. with 92 RBIs. The Mercs as a team are hitting .313 with 129 HRs. Baines and Caminiti have 21 apease, with O Henry chipping in 20 and Bagwell with 19. Man!! I love that 1 to 19 yard!!

TIM'S CORNER.... Taz manager Tim Turner requested I print this quote verbatim reguarding the terrible Robin Ventura injury, so here goes... "What Rat Bastard is going to steal Ventura from Tommy before the end of the year"..... Anyone with a response please contact tim directly.

Until next month, have a great 3 weeks and I'll be thinking of you all in Arizona, NOT!! Take care anyway.

The Mercenaries and Thunderbirds squared off recently for a 6 game series. Weathering a 21 to 3 destruction in gamee 2, the Mercs were able to rebound for a 4 game to 2 series victory. Supplying most of the damage were Ken Caminiti and Jeff Bagwell. Caminiti went 10 for 25 with 4 doubles, 2 HR, and 13 RBI's.The 2 HR's were consecutive game Grand Slams against Kevin Brown and Tom Glavine. Bagwell chipped in with a 10 for 23 series, slugging 4 HR's and driving in 10 runs. Mike Thurston rather disgustedly reported that Brown is on pace to surrender 40+ HR's; this is from a card with which has no HR, and barely any hits at all. Didn't someone say it might be better to be lucky than good. The series had its share of oddities with Brown being injured on a 6/12 DH role in game 1. The Merc's D. Neagle suffered the same fate in a subsequent game. The big difference, Brown was injured in the 1st inning, Neagle after 6 2/3 inningss.

Congratulations to the entire league for the present games played pace. With the least amount of games played being 20, the league has definately taken the challenge. Keep up the pace and if we are lucky, the present season can be completed before deadlines. ALL IN ANY NEWS/STATS.

Congratulations to the Black Sox for their kick ass start. The line begins here for anyone hoping some of his luck has worn out. 25 and 4 !!! Whats up with that!!!!