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1998 RSBL News from Jami Denton


RSBL league meeting - Saturday, November 14th

The following league officers were appointed for the 1999 season:
Randy Shavis - commissioner
Mike Thurston - Treasurer
Keith Gilmore - Trades & draft information

Lonestar Restaurant off Midlothian on Saturday, December 5th at 6:30 p.m.. Meeting will be in the private patio area.

Every manager will be given a 16th round pick in the upcoming draft and sometime during the draft, every manager must use a draft pick to select a ballpark. AL teams must choose an AL ballpark with an AL draft pick and vice versa for NL teams. Once a ballpark is selected by a team, it becomes unavailable from being selected by anyone else. The ballpark numbers (singles & homers) will remain constant from year to year. Once a manager selects a ballpark, he will be unable to change it for 3 years. Ballpark changes after 3 years will require a 5th round pick.

Milwaukee Brewer ballplayers will be drafted in the American League draft.

The RSBL will be expanding by 2 teams in 1999. Jeff Easton has been awarded an AL franchise and Earl Estes will be awarded a NL franchise. These teams will select 1st in every round. Jeff Easton will select his 15 man protection list from any available Tampa Bay players plus any other AL carded player who was dropped by a team. Earl Estes will select his 15 man protection from any available Arizona player plus any any other NL carded player who was dropped by a team. Mike Parker will work on a list of available players for both teams.

Trades between 101-120 games
Enforced next year, all players traded during this time period must be immediately traded. A manager will be unable to trade a player and receive a player at the end of the year (i.e. player to be named later). Trading of future draft picks for a current player is still allowed.

To simplify planning, all future drafts will be scheduled the first weekend in February. The location, day, & times of the 1999 draft are still being worked out.

The old stealing rules (hold is -2 regardless of stealing rating) will be used next year.

The 1 year waiting rule is still in effect for any new rules passed.

Randy & Don will work on a proposal for changing player limitations during playoffs & the regular season.
Mike Thurston & Keith will work on a proposal for limiting the commissioner's power to change constitutional rules & league veto abilities.

Mike Parker will have his league dues reduced to $10 for cost associated with the league web page.
Contact Don Leigers by December 9th with money (~$40) if you want to order the SOM cards.

Pat Jennings & Chip Foster are the NL & AL managers of the year.

World series - Wizards over Mercenaries (4 games to 3)
AL championship - Mercenaries over Whales (4-0)
NL championship - Wizards over Ducks (4-0)
AL divisional - Whales over Tigers (4-2) & Mercenaries over Black Sox (4-1)
NL divisional - Wizards over Bimbos (4-3) & Ducks over Bulls

Drafting will be done in order of finish for non-playoff teams & in reverse order of finish for playoff teams. So the 5th place team picks 1st, followed by the 6th - 11th place teams. After that the 4th place to 1st place teams will pick last. This is being proposed to promote winning in all games. This is only a proposal at this point.


Sorry this has been late. No excuses just been busy... better late than never.  In the National League, the Mad Hatters have taken a commanding 5 game lead in the race for the coveted #1 pick. (pending our expansion draft situation - more on that in a moment) The real race has only 3.5 games separating the Wizards, Ducks, & Bimbos from 1st to 3rd & even better, only 6 games separating 4th through 6th.

In the AL, the Tigers have fallen off the pace a bit with the Whales gamely trying to stay with the Black Sox. Only 6 games separate 4th from 6th place here. AAAAANNNND down the strech they come...

OK folks, so what are we going to do with/about expansion? Pending the number of teams entering the league, how many people do we keep? How do we handle our 15 man rosters after an expansion draft if we have +2 teams enter?  How will we do anything? Lots of talk and questions going around... As your poor editor, I will take advantage of the typewriter/PC to get on the soap box. I suggest we empower a small group of volunteers to put together a strawman of options for the league to review. The strawman should cover additions of one to four teams and how we would want to handle bringing them into the league. These issues need to be addressed before we get too far down the road so that when we invite new members, we don't look like we're making it up as we go (even if we are)... I think this is critical to define because if I'm not mistaken, existing teams get to determine if they want to be the expansion team or keep what they have.... soooooo obviously we have some work to do.

I am game to participate on any committee if needed.  I think Pat & the league Presidents should either be on the committee or select members if we are overwhelmed with volunteers. At this point,  if you have comments or suggestions on how we should do this call me & I'll try to keep notes on the suggestions. I have not talked this over with Pat, so I know this will stir up some controversy.... what the heck... the Skins will probably stink & I know the Hokieswill find a way to lose to East Carolina (since I'll be there!)  I'll call around next week for the call ins ... you can call me (for a change) if you want.  Till then.... KEEP THE BONES ROLLIN'.....


The Black Sox Record was off by 10 losses in the last newsletter.. fat fingers on the keyboard.  Only 8.5 games separate the AL 4th through 8th place teams... could be a lot decided in the next several weeks.. meanwhile the Bandits and Jaybirds are slugging(?) it out for the coveted Arroho ho ho pick... The shame is that Jerry has both picks anyway!!!  He'll probably trade the picks for the BIG MAC.  Only 10 games separate 3rd from 7th in the National League... we've got some big games to be played yet... thanks for the record call in... most folks actually called me for a change... keeep the bones rolling


It looks like things are warming up for all positions ... the Madhatters & the Roadrunners are waging an all out dumping war for the Wood man.  Meanwhile, the hapless, hopeless Jaybirds don't care where they finish... they don't have any of their own picks anyway!!!!!  The Tiger, Black Sox, and Whales (oh my!) OWN the rest of the AL where the Taz-Devils, Mercenaries, Uncallables, and Rampage are still sorting out who wants to be the sacrificial lamb & also rans.. The NL looks slightly more balanced with at least five teams over 500.  Boos to the AL where the imbalance of power is really art imitating life (or something like that).  Look out for the Twins, where Paul has the crew climbing within site of the big boys with lots of games to play....


My apologies for this update being so late, call-ins have not been very good. 81 game stats are due on June 15th. Next call in July 1st... call Pat Jennings if you can't make it. Next news letter will be more entertaining.... Keep the bones rolling.


We start in the National League where the race is on for both coveted positions..... 1st and last.... 7 games separate the Bimbos from the next 5 teams.   It looks as if the county dump isn't big enough for the Madhatters and the Roadrunners to get the good Wood (Kerry that is). The Bimbos have given us a few good stats... their record in 1 run games is 14-5!!! Tony Clark leads the way with 43 RBI's through 50 games.... with the mighty Jeff (three) D'amico at 4-0 with a 2.31 ERA.

In the American League the Black Sox and Tigers are slugging it out with the rest of the league watching as if it were King Kong vs. Godzilla (you pick which one is which).  A good race for the sacrificial lamb spot is developing between the Rampage, Mercenaries, and Taz-Devils.

So far it looks as if everyone is getting their games played and we even have 40 game stats from the National League.   Finally, a note from real life... A special get well to Paul Blocher... Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery... Please let us know if there is anything you might need (besides a few good hitters!!!). Next call in is 5-1-98.  Keep up the good work getting the games in... who knows, we might even get the world series in before Thanksgiving for a change.


Well, it looks as if Richard is off & running... Randy & Terry in a battle for 2nd and Chip in 4th by default.  The bottom half of the American League should be in Florida with Mike Parker at the Dog Track..... In the National league the BIMBO's (!!!!) ARE IN FIRST PLACE!!.... With a pretty good race for the remaining playoff spots (and a pretty good race for the 1st draft pick also!).... Don't forget 40 GAME STATS are due to Keith & Mike Thurston by April 15th..... Don Leigers is looking for games Easter week... Leanne and the kids are gone for the week so he'll be batching it... I'm on vacation too so if you are looking for games that week Don & I should be available.  Next call in April 1st ... (No fooling!)


Changes for 1998.......
The Outlaws have become the Road Runners & are now managed by returning manager Jim Proffitt. The Bishop have changed their team name to the Wizards.

Stats are now due on the following dates: April 15th (40 gm), June 15th (81 gm), August 15th (121 gm), & October 15th (final stats).  Late stats without sufficient excuse will cause penalties to be issued (Bolo player for 15 man roster).  Win-Loss record call-ins are the same as last year... 1st & 15th of the month.  We are playing with the new combo cards that are being issued by strat. Ballparks will no longer be used starting the 1999 season.