2000 RSBL All Star Outing (7/23/2000)

A good time was had by all at the 2000 RSBL All Star extravaganza.  Horseshoes, Whiffle ball, lots of eats, and a great all star game highlighted the evening. A special thanks goes for Pat & Gail Jennings for hosting the event. Also another thanks to Pat for being the chef & preparing the excellent burgers & dogs.  

Dave & Pat defeated Mike & Don in the first horseshoe game.  Charlie & Jim defeated Dave & Jay to win the second game of the doubleheader. Jay Coffman won the whiffle ball championship after  stiff competition from Randy, Pat Jennings, and Tim.

The main event was the RSBL 2000 All-star game.  Randy Shavis managed the the American League to a 5-3 victory over Dave Caddell's NL all-stars. 

Below are the photos from the event. Click on each photo to bring up full size.

P.S. The time stamp on the photo's are wrong, sorry about that...

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