Cooperstown, NY Hall of Fame trip

May 3rd - 6th, 2001

Richard, Pat Jennings, Randy, and Mike Parker traveled to Cooperstown, NY to visit the baseball Hall of Fame.  In addition to showing important baseball artifacts, the HOF also had a series on important ballparks, evolution of baseball equipment (gloves, bats, baseball, uniforms, etc), the Negro leagues, Women's baseball leagues during WWII, and special exibits on Babe Ruth & Willie Mays.  It was an great experience that brought back many baseball memories.   If you haven't been to Cooperstown, I would highly recommend it.  We also attended the Giants vs. Phillies game Saturday night.  Us ALers were enlightenened on the strategy that occurs in NL games :)   46 games of Strat-o-Matic were played between the 4 managers on the trip.  


group.JPG (128566 bytes) The group finally arrives at Cooperstown, NY.  
group2.JPG (130268 bytes) The first room had a plaque of every hall of fame member.
ruth.JPG (185657 bytes) Babe Ruth
cobb.JPG (176567 bytes) Ty Cobb
gehrig.JPG (186326 bytes) Lou Gehrig
dimaggio.JPG (190182 bytes) Joe DiMaggio
kaline.JPG (130218 bytes) Richard & Al Kaline
kaline2.JPG (129363 bytes) Another photo of Richard & Al Kaline
mantle.JPG (181312 bytes) Randy & Mickey Mantle
mantle2.JPG (170168 bytes) Mickey Mantle
mays.JPG (214593 bytes) Willie Mays
ryan.JPG (198330 bytes) Nolan Ryan
ruth wax.JPG (160829 bytes) Wax figurine of Babe Ruth
williams wax.JPG (174677 bytes) Pat jennings standing next to the wax figurine of Ted Williams
yankees.JPG (131847 bytes) The Yankees 90's dynasty display
larsen.JPG (148981 bytes) Don Larsen & Yogi Berra celebrating after the 1956 Worlds Series perfect game
stores.JPG (129860 bytes) There are many stores around Cooperstown that sell baseball memorabilia. 
hof.JPG (126563 bytes) Leaving the Hall of Fame.