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2004 RSBL Trades


  1. Tigers trade Julian Tavarez, Tigers 16 to the Talleywackers for Talleywackers 11
  2. Phoenix trade Eric Young to the Turkeys for Paul Wilson


  1. Penfan trade Carlos Pena to the Phoenix for Phoenix 9
  2. Tigers trade John Thompson, Turkeys 18 to the Turkeys for turkeys 6
  3. Tigers trade Scott Shields, tigers 18 to the Goof Troop for Goof 7
  4. Tigers trade Craig Biggio to the wizards for Phoenix 5
  5. Phoenix trade Paul Loduca, Eddie Guardado to the Uncallables for Tody Hall, Luis Gonzalez, Tigers 1
  6. Phoenix trade Phoeniz 12 to the Wizards for jose Cruz, Wizards 17
  7. Buffalo Chips trade Brett Tomko, Chips 15 to the Uncallables for Uncallables 8
  8. Wizards trade Antonio Alfonseca, Mad Hatters 18 to the Goof Troop for Goof 8
  9. Wizards trade Mark Hendrickson, Pods 14 to the Goof TRoop for Goof 13
  10. Jabberwocky trade Mad Hatters 6 to the Taz for Michael Tucker


  1. Mad Hatters trade Magglio Ordonez to the Phanatics for Mike Cameron
  2. Jaybirds trade Jaybirds 6 to the tbirds for Josh Phelps
  3. Tigers trade Jose Valentin, tigers 14, Tigers 15 to the Roadrunners for Roadrunners 5, Roadrunners 10
  4. Bulls trade john Lackey, Bulls 18 to the Rampage for Rampage 10
  5. Bulls trade Edgardo Alfonzo, Eddie Guardado to the Phoenix for Mad Hatters 5
  6. Phoenix trade Tim Wakefield to the Goof Troop for Cris Capuano
  7. Twins trade Matthews, Twins 18 to the Goof Troop for Goof 16, Goof 17
  8. Wizards trade Coco Crisp, Trevor hoffman, Twins 1, Tigers 1 to the Uncallables for Gary Sheffield, Uncallables 3
  9. Phoenix trade Carl Pavano to the Jabberwocky for Brian Lawrence, Alex Gonzalez, Jab 8


  1. Mad Hatters trade Cliff Floyd, Eddie Guardado to the Bulls for Richard Hidalgo, Wade Miller
  2. Mad Hatters trade Jose Cruz to the Wizards for Russ Ortiz
  3. Tigers trade Steve Trachsel, Latroy Hawkins, Tigers 17 to the Tazdevils for Brad Radke, Taz 9
  4. Tigers trade Mike Piazza to the Goof Troop for Shawn Green
  5. Phanatics trade Jake Peavy, Shane Spencer to the Wizards for Laynce Nix
  6. Twins trade Shawn Green, Shea Hillenbrand, Craig Counsell to the Goof Troop for Jason Bay, Goof Troop 6
  7. Twins trade Twins 1 to the Wizards for JC Romero, Justin Morneau
  8. Wizards trade Joe Randa to the Uncalllables for Carlos Silva
  9. Wizards trade Gerald Laird to the Phoenix for Phoenix 18
  10. Phoenix trade Phoenix 4 to the Goof Troop for Orlando Hudson, Brady Clark


  1. MadHatters trade Kelvim Escobar, Willie Harris to the Pods for Jose Cruz Jr., Juan Rincon
  2. Mad Hatters trade Jabberwocky 10th to the Buffalo Chips for Darren Dreifort and the BC 18th


  1. Mad Hatters trade Steve Finley to the TURKEYS for Kelvim Escobar & Phanatic 3rd.
  2. Mad Hatters trade Paul Quantrill to the JAYBIRDS for Brandon Inge.
  3. Mad Hatters trade Brandon Inge and the MH 14th to the TURKEYS for Turkey's 7th round pick.
  4. Jaybirds trade JB 4, JB 7 to the Taz for Rafael Palmiero
  5. Twins trade Greg Maddux to the Buffalo Chips for Twins 1
  6. Turkeys trade Victor Zambrano, Ron Belliard to the Wizards for JB 2, Wiz 5
  7. Turkeys trade Tur 11 to the Wizards for Miguel Olivo
  8. Wizards trade Victor Zambrano, Ron Belliard, Whales 1, Wizards 1 to the Taz for Javier Vazquez, Pokey Reese
  9. Goof Troop trade Jay Gibbons to the Wizards for Doug Waechtler
  10. Goof TRoop trade GT 15 to the Rebels for Jolbert Cabrera
  11. Buffalo Chips trade Eddie Guardado to the Mad Hatters for Geoff Jenkins
  12. Bimbos trade Michael Tucker to the Taz for Placido Polanco
  13. Mad Hatters trade Mark Prior & Phanatic 4th to the TWINS for Jim Edmonds & Twins 11th round pick.
  14. Tigers trade Richie Sexson, Larry Bigbie and Tigers 9 to Taz for Bernie Williams, Mad Hatters 1 and Jaybirds 4
  15. Uncallables trade Adam Everett to the Turkeys for Tony Womack
  16. Ducks trade Derrick Lee and the Ducks 6th to the Bulls for Corey Patterson and the Bulls 4th
  17. Mad Hatters trade Luis Castillo and the Phanatics 3rd to the PENFAN for Willie Harris and the Uncallables 1st
  18. Mad Hatters trade Mike Cameron, Ramon Hernandez and the MH 7th to the PHANATICS for Ken Griffey, Geoff Jenkins and the Phanatics 1st
  19. Tigers trade Lieberthal to Wizards for Wizards 4th
  20. Tigers trade Capuano to Goof for Goof 4th
  21. Jaybirds trade Austin Kearns, Carlos Lee, Carl Crawford, Kenny Rogers to the Bimbos for Bobby Abreu


  1. Wizards trade Kris Benson to the Mad Hatters for Mad Hatters 18
  2. Tigers trade Sidney Ponson to the Turkeys for Turkeys 18
  3. Wizards trade Ruben Sierra to the Buffalo Chips for Buffalo Chips 14
  4. Turkeys trade Larry Walker, Turkeys 15 to the Phanatics for Phanatics 3
  5. Wizards trade Michael Cuddyer to the Phanatics for Jabberwocky 6
  6. Mad Hatters trade Kris Benson to the Jaybirds for Chone Figgins
  7. Mad Hatters trade Pedro Feliz to the Penfan for Cesar Izturis
  8. Mad Hatters trade Angel Berroa to the Phanatics for Brad Lidge
  9. Mad Hatters trade Chone Figgins, Tike Redman, Jeremy Affeldt, Mad Hatters 9 to the Roadrunners for Russ Ortiz, Roadrunners 4
  10. Mad Hatters trade Milton Bradley to the Taz for Steve Finley
  11. Mad Hatters trade Geoff Jenkins, Ducks 1 to the Phanatics for Mike Cameron, Phanatics 4
  12. Phanatics trade Chipper Jones, Larry Walker to the Tbirds for Tbirds 1, Rampage 2
  13. Buffalo Chips trade Jacque Jones to the Twins for Twins 1, Pods 2
  14. Mad Hatters trade Carl Everett, Jeff Weaver, Mike Hampton, Jason Davis, Ray King, Mike Restovich to the Roadrunners for Cliff Floyd, Ryan Ludwick


  1. Wizards traded Whales 5th to the Whales for M. Kata
  2. Wizards traded M. Kata, Rebels 1st, MadHatters 5th to the Rebels for M. Rivera, Rebels 10th
  3. Wizards trade J. Weaver to the MadHatters for BuffaloChips 4th


  1. Uncallables trade Wil Cordero, Uncallables 15 to the Jabberwocky for Jab 7
  2. Whales trade Whales 10 to the Tbirds for Dave Burba
  3. Rebels trade Andy Pettitte, Tony Womack to the Turkeys for Darrel May, Dave Roberts
  4. Rebels trade Vinny Castilla to the Jabberwocky for Ty Wigginton


  1. Wizards trade Wizards 11 to the Phanatics for Tony Bautista
  2. Wizards trade Rod Barajas to the Penfan for John Mac Donald
  3. Wizards trade John MacDonald to the Rebels for Dan Wilson
  4. Jabberwocky trade Jacque Jones to the Buffalo Chips for Carl Everett
  5. Jabberwocky trade Carl Everett, Jab 10 to the Mad Hatters for Alex Sanchez, Buffalo Chips 2


  1. Penfan trade Dustin Mohr to the Taz for Taz 5
  2. Mad Hatters trade Aaron Rowand to the Turkeys for Alex Sanchez
  3. Jaybirds trade Julio Mateo, Jaybirds 18 to the Rampage for Rampage 3


  1. Turkeys trade Devanon, Phelps to the Pods for Bautista, Jennings, Westbrook, Taz 3
  2. Mad Hatters trade Kyle Lohse to the Rebels for Mike Hampton
  3. Wizards trade Tony Clark to the Bulls for B.J. Surhoff
  4. Taz trade Craig wilson, Gerald Laird to the Mad Hatters for Mike Matheny, Curt Leskanic
  5. Wizards trade B.J. Surhoff to the Rebels for Casey Fossum
  6. Mad Hatters trade Whales 1, Gerald Laird to the Wizards for Rebels 3, Buffalo Chips 4, Brooks Kieshnick
  7. Rebels trade Wizards 17 to the Wizards for Dave Mccarty
  8. Rebels trade Larry Walker, Raul Mondesi, Rebels 13 to the Turkeys for Sammy Sosa, Greg Norton


  1. Mad Hatters trade Pat Hentgen, Todd Pratt, John Flaherty, Mad Hatters 12 to the Whales for Mike Matheny, Curt Leskanic, Whales 9
  2. Rampage trade Gabe Kapler to the Goof Troop for Orlando Palmiero
  3. Rampage trade Rampage 12 to the Whales for Mark McLemore


  1. Wizards trade Matt Kata to the Whales for Whales 5
  2. Rebels trade Arthur Rhodes, Wizards 10 to the Wizards for Sterling Hitchcock, Wizards 7
  3. Mad Hatters trade Chad Fox, Eric Dubose to the Turkeys for Jason Davis

Draft Day Trades - Here are the trades involving 05 picks or players.

  1. Roadrunners trade Jeremy Affeldt to the Mad Hatters
  2. Mad Hatters trade Jose Guillen to the Turkeys for Geoff Jenkins
  3. Jaybirds trade JB 1, JB 3 to the Tigers for Tig 5
  4. Pods trade Pods 3 to the Whales
  5. Mad Hatters trade David Weathers to the Buffalo Chips for BC 2
  6. Turkeys trade Turkeys 16 to the Rebels
  7. Bimbos trade Luis Ayala to the Tigers for Mike Koplove, Jason Michaels
  8. Jabberwocky trade Chad Fox to the Mad Hatters
  9. Turkeys trade Turkeys 15 to the Rebels
  10. Turkeys trade Turkeys 17 to the Rebels
  11. Wizards trade Wiz 18 to the Pods
  12. Wizards trade Juan Encarnacion Reb 4 to the Rebels for Coco Crisp
  13. Penfan trade John Burkett to the Uncallables for Uncallables 5
  14. Turkeys trade Turkeys 8 to the Rebels for Rob Mackowiack, Turkeys 15
  15. Mad Hatters trade Mad Hatters 15 to the Phanatics
  16. Wizards trade Mike Cuddyer to the Phanatics for Phanatics 13
  17. Wizards trade Orlando Palmiero to the Rebels for Rob Barajas
  18. Wizards trade Jeff Conine to the Tbirds for Tbirds 12
  19. Rebels trade Turkeys 16 to the Tigers
  20. Rebels trade Rebels 14 to the Wizards
  21. Bulls trade Dave Hansen to the Wizards
  22. Tigers trade Tigers 10 to the Jaybirds for Jaybirds 9
  23. Taz trade Taz 8 to the Tibrds
  24. Mad Hatters trade Carter, Mad Hatters 6 to the Jabberwocky got Dubose
  25. Turkeys trade Turkeys 9 to the Wizards for wizards 15
  26. Mad Hatters trade Mad Hatters 13 to the Bimbos
  27. Tigers trade Tigers 13 to the Bimbos
  28. Wizards trade Phanatics 13 to the Taz
  29. Roadrunners trade Roadrunners 18 to the Phanatics
  30. Phanatics trade Phanatics 17 to the Rebels
  31. Wizards trade Rebels 14 to the Phanatics for Phanatics 18
  32. Mad Hatters trade MH 8 to the Wizards for Orlando Palmiero, Phanatics 18
  33. Mad Hatters trade Orlando Palmiero, Ducks 2 to the Goof Troop for Aaron Rowand, Goof Troop 18


  1. Pods trade Pods 8, Pods 1(05), Pods 4(05) to the Tbirds for Pods 1, Tbirds 10(05), Tbirds 15(05)
  2. Mad Hatters trade CC Sabathia to the Ducks for Ducks 2, Ducks 1(05)


  1. Rebels trade Taz 9, Rebels 5(05) to the Wizards for Coco Crisp, Wiz 17(05)
  2. Mad Hatters trade Jacque Jones, Wiz 12 to the Jabberwocky for Paul Quantrill, Jab 6


  1. Wizards trade Goof Troop 1, Pods 7 to the Mad Hatters for Jaybirds 3, Penfan 3, Mad Hatters 16
  2. Rebels trade Jacque Jones to the Mad Hatters for Goof Troop 1
  3. Mad Hatters trade Taz 11, Mad Hatters 12 to the Wizards for Jabberwocky 7
  4. Mad Hatters trade Luis Rivas, Ducks 1 to the Pods for Luis Castillo


  1. Mad Hatters trade Ken Griffey, Tur 10, MH 10(05) to the Phanatics for Ducks 1, Phanatics 7, Whales 1(05)
  2. Uncallables trade Mad Hatters 1 to the Turkeys for Roadrunners 2, Pods 3
  3. Rebels trade David Weathers, Goof Troop 2 to the Mad Hatters for Joe Borowski
  4. Bulls trade Turkeys 1, Bulls 1(05) to the Tigers for Rebels 1
  5. Tigers trade Roadrunners 1, Tigers 7 to the Goof Troop for Scott Shields, Tigers 5


  1. Mad Hatters trade Jab 1, JB 2 to the Jabberwocky for Milton Bradley, Jab 11
  2. Tigers trade Bulls 1 to the Jabberwocky for Jab 1
  3. Tigers trade TB 8 to the Roadrunners for RR 8
  4. Rebels trade Matt Herges, Taz 7 to the Rampage for Paul Shuey, Ram 5
  5. Wizards trade Goof 2, Wiz 3(05) to the Taz for Goof 1
  6. Taz trade Taz 4, Reb 6, MH 14 to the Goof Troop for Mark Grudzeilanek
  7. Rebels trade Scott Spezio, MH 7 to the Goof Troop for MH 14, Vinny Castilla
  8. Rebels trade Paul Shuey to the Taz Devils for Goof 2
  9. Wizards trade TB 2 to the Pods for Pods 7, Wiz 2(05)
  10. Wizards trade Wiz 14, Reb 15, Tur 18 to the Pods for Whales 14, Tig 15, Taz 18
  11. Mad Hatters trade Bimbos 1, JB 14 to the Phanatics for Bulls 3, Phanatics 3


  1. Tigers trade Buffalo Chips 1 to the Phanatics for Wizards 2, Jabberwocky 4
  2. Mad Hatters trade Mad Hatters 3, Mad Hatters 2(05) to the Twins for Matt Mantei, Twins 12(05)
  3. Mad Hatters trade Matt Herges to the Rebels for Rebels 3


  1. Rebels trade BC 5 to the Wizards for Coco Crisp
  2. Wizards trade Jab 3 to the Jaybirds for Ramon Ortiz
  3. Mad Hatters trade Kerry Wood, Ichiro Suzuki to the Phanatics for Magglio Ordonez, Kyle Lohse
  4. Mad Hatters trade Austin Kearns, RR 7 to the Jaybirds for CC Sabathia, JB 14
  5. Mad Hatters trade Mike Hampton to the Rebels for Bim 1, Tur 10
  6. Rebels trade Coco Crisp to the Wizards for BC 5
  7. Wizards trade Alex Gonzalez to the Phanatics for Jack Wilson, Ph 12


  1. Wizards trade Johnny Damon, Wiz 6(05) to the Buffalo Chips for BC 3, BC 1(05), BC 4(05)
  2. Turkeys trade Benito Santiago, Tur 10(05) to the Phanatics for Pods 3, Ph 5(05)
  3. Tbirds trade Morgan Ensberg to the Roadrunners for Josh Phelps, RR 1(05), RR 2(05)
  4. Wizards trade Steve Trachsel, Wiz 16(05) to the Tigers for Tig 6, Tig 1(05)
  5. Wizards trade Taz 5, Tig 6 to the Tazdevils for Pen 5, Goof 7
  6. Rebels trade Reb 6 to the Tazdevils for Taz 9, Taz 11
  7. Rebels trade Johan Santana to the Mad Hatters for Bim 1, Reb 4
  8. Mad Hatters trade Twins 11 to Rebels for Taz 11
  9. Wizards trade Taz 1 to the Uncallables for Jacque Jones
  10. Wizards trade Jacque Jones to the Rebels for Carlos Lee
  11. Ducks trade ducks 5, Ducks 2(05) to the Mad Hatters for Ray Durham
  12. Mad Hatters trade Ph 2, Reb 17 to the Tazdevils for JB 2, Tig 6
  13. Wizards trade Carlos Lee, Wiz 8(05) to the Jaybirds for Bernie Williams, JB 2(05)
  14. Tazdevils trade Reb 17, Tur 18, Taz 2(05) to the Wizards for Bernie Williams


  1. Tigers trade Phan 4, Tur 6 to the Uncallables for Craig Biggio, TB 8
  2. Phanatics trade MH 4 to the Jabberwocky for Jab 4
  3. Wizards trade Melvin Mora to the Uncallables for Eric Hinske
  4. Turkeys trade Arthur Rhodes to the Wizards for Reb 5
  5. Twins trade Rafael Palmiero to the Taz Devils for Pods 4, Taz 1(05)
  6. Wizards trade Arthur Rhodes, Wiz 10(05) to the Rebels for Reb 10, Reb 3(05)
  7. Penfan trade Pen 1, Pen 3 to the Mad Hatters for Phan 1, Tur 5
  8. Penfan trade JB 2, Pen 5 to the Taz Devils for Tur 3, Tw 4
  9. Mad Hatters trade Ben Weber, MH 14 to the Taz for Reb 4, Taz 10
  10. Mad Hatters trade Pen 1, Tur 8 to the Jaybirds for Jab 1, MH 3
  11. Mad Hatters trade Goof 17 to the Rebels for Reb 17
  12. Mad Hatters trade Taz 10, MH 5(05) to the wizards for RR 5
  13. Pods trade Eduardo Perez, Pods 14(05) to the Wizards for Whales 14, Wiz 2(05)
  14. Jaybirds trade John Vanderwal, JB 15(05) to the Jabberwocky for Jab 15, Jab 4(05)
  15. Jaybirds trade BC 1 to the Tigers for Tig 1
  16. Wizards trade Eduardo Perez to the Rebels for Ram 2
  17. Wizards trade Ram 2 to the Jabberwocky for Steve Trachsel
  18. Roadrunners trade Mike Remlinger, Tur 17 to the Rebels for RR 4, Reb 14


  1. Jaybirds trade Hasegawa, Borowski to the Madhatters for the Buffalo Chips 1st, Madhatters 3rd, Madhatters 3rd(05)
  2. Whales trade Scott Rolen, Ben Weber, Jaybirds 3rd, Whales 1st(05) to the MadHatters for Bartolo Colon, Hasegawa, Jabberwocky 1st
  3. TazDevils trade TazDevils 18th, TazDevils 3rd(05) to the Pods for Lowe, Pods 18th(05)
  4. Wizards trade Benitez, Bulls 17th to the Whales for the Whales 5th
  5. Wizards trade M. Rivera to the Rebels for the Pods 1st, Rebels 1st(05)
  6. Wizards trade M. Alou, Wizards 12th(05) to the Jabberwocky for the Jabberwocky 3rd, Jabberwocky 6th(05)
  7. Wizards trade Jack Wilson to the Phanatics for the RoadRunners 5th
  8. Jaybirds send Matt Stairs, Jaybirds 8th to the Whales for the Jabberwocky 1st, Bulls 17th, Whales 18th(05)
  9. Rampage trade the Pods 2nd, Rampage 10th to the Penfan for Juan Gonzalez, Penfan 17th.
  10. Uncallables trade Uncallables 1st, T-Birds 1st, BuffaloChips 2nd, Uncallables 7th, Uncallables 10th, Uncallables 1st(05) to the Penfan for Gary
    Sheffield, Greg Myers, Joe Randa, Penfan 16th and Penfan 15th(05)
  11. TazDevils trade the TazDevils 6th, TazDevils 4th(05) to the T-Birds for Brian Jordan
  12. Wizards trade the Pods 1st, GoofTroops 3rd to the T-Birds for Mora
  13. Rampage trade the Rampage 2nd(05), Rampage 5th(05) to the T-Birds for the T-Birds 3rd, T-Birds 6th
  14. Rebels trade Rebels 2nd(05) to the T-Birds for GoofTroops 3rd
  15. MadHatters trade Steve Finley, MadHatter 1st(05) to the TazDevils for Ichiro Suzuki, TazDevils 6th(05)
  16. MadHatters trade Eric Chavez, MadHatters 4th, Whales 1st(05), MadHatters 4th(05) to the Phanatics for Pat Burrell, Phanatics 1st, Phanatics 2nd, Phanatics 12th(05)
  17. Wizards trade Buffalo Chips 5th to the Rebels for Wizards 17th, Rebels 4th(05)
  18. MadHatters trade Pat Burrell, Ducks 3 to the Bimbos for Mike Hampton, Bimbos 1st