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2008 RSBL Trades


  1. Mustangs trade Wizards 11 to the Tbirds for Mike Fontenot
  2. Mustangs trade Mustangs 14 to the Bimbos for Doug Mientkiewicz, Bimbos 17
  3. Jaybirds trade Takashi Saito, Jaybirds 10 to the Colts for Colts 3, Phanatics 7
  4. Jaybirds trade Colts 3 to the Tigers for Jack Cust
  5. Tigers trade Chad Qualls to the Wizards for Whales 4
  6. Tigers trade Jose Guillen to the Bimbos for Bimbos 18
  7. Tigers trade Rocco Baldelli to the Hunters for Hunters 17
  8. Hunters trade Hunters 4 to the Tbirds for Dustin McGowan
  9. Insan-eddy trade John Grabow, Insan-eddy 17 to the Buffalo Chips for Buffalo Chips 10
  10. Colts trade Colts 8, Colts 12 to the Tbirds for Willy Taveras, Tbirds 9
  11. Buffalo Chips trade Carlos Delgado, Bulls 10 to the Tbirds for Aaron Rowand, Tbirds 7
  12. Bimbos trade Bimbos 3 to the Wizards for Skip Schumacher


  1. Mustangs trade Mark Ellis to the Jabberwocky for Jab 12
  2. Mustangs trade Joe Blanton to the Phanatics for Edwin Jackson
  3. Jaybirds trade Brad Lidge to the Jabberwocky for Andre Ethier
  4. Jaybirds trade Scott Shields to the Bulls for Randy Wolf
  5. Tigers trade Aaron Cook, Tigers 15 to the Roadrunners for RR 3
  6. Phanatics trade Jason Kendall, Phanatics 17 to the Uncallables for UC 11
  7. Colts trade Bobby Abreu to the Taz for Tigers 1
  8. Wizards trade Ryan Sweeney to the Bulls for Tim Redding
  9. Jabberwocky trade Brian Fuentes to the Taz for Taz 5
  10. Bulls trade Ryan Sweeney to the One-ders for Mark Reynolds
  11. Rampage trade Frank Francisco to the One-ders for Hunters 6
  12. Rampage trade Bronson Arroyo to the Whales for Whales 15


  1.  Tigers trade Ryan Doumit, Adam Jones to the Bulls for Milton Bradley
  2.  Tigers trade Adrian Beltre, Tigers 17, Tigers 18 to the Buffalo Chips for Wizards 6, Buffalo Chips 6, Buffalo Chips 7
  3.  Phanatics trade Buffalo Chips 3 to the Insan-eddy for Nick Swisher
  4.  Insan-eddy trade Jesus Flores to the Uncallables for Uncallables 10
  5.  Insan-eddy trade Heath Bell to the Wizards for Wizards 3
  6.  Taz trade Jose Lopez to the One-ders for Aaron Miles


  1. Mad Hatters trade Russ Springer, Cesar Izturis to the Colts for Thornton
  2.  Mad Hatters trade KRod to the Bulls for Adam Lind, Shane Victorino
  3.  Mad Hatters trade BJ Upton to the Uncallables for Carlos Quentin
  4.  Mad Hatters trade Magglio Ordonez, Mad Hatters 12 to the Colts for Brenden Morrow, Colts 4
  5.  Jaybirds trade Chris Young to the Bulls for Jason Saltalamachia
  6.  Jaybirds trade Adam Dunn, Mariano Rivera to the Tigers for Brandon Webb,T. Saito
  7.  Colts trade Scott Rolen to the Bulls for Ubaldo Jimenez
  8.  Colts trade Ryan Sweeney, Johnny Damon to the Wizards for Vlad Guerrero
  9.  Colts trade Ubaldo Jimenez, Colts 11 to the Bulls for Scott Rolen, Bulls 7
  10.  Bimbos trade Francisco Cordero to the Taz for Taz 9
  11.  Jabberwocky trade Ubaldo Jimenez to the Bulls for Edgar Renteria
  12.  Jabberwocky trade Damaso Marte to the Madhatters for Lyle Overbey and Chad Gaudin
  13.  Uncallables trade Carlos Silva to the Bulls for Jim Edmonds


  1.  Mustangs trade Chris Coste, One-ders 9, Mustangs 17 to the One-ders for Wizards 7, One-ders 11
  2.  Mad Hatters trade Phanatics 3 to the Ins-aneddy for Jon Rauch, Roadrunners 10
  3.  Mad Hatters trade Mad Hatters 16 to the Wizards for Lyle Overbay
  4.  Mad Hatters trade Kenji Johjima to the Colts for Adam Loewen
  5.  Mad Hatters trade Howie Kendrick to the Bulls for Jonathon Sanchez, Jo Jo Reyes, Kaz Matsui
  6.  Mad Hatters trade Shane Victorino, Dice K to the Bulls for Magglio Ordonez
  7.  Mad Hatters trade Matt Kemp, Joey Gathright, Scott Downs, Oliver Perez, Kevin Correja, Kelvim Escobar to the Roadrunners for Gavin Floyd, Wily Mo Pena, Henry Owens
  8.  Jaybirds trade Luis Terrero to the Whales for Chad Tracy
  9.  Buffalo Chips trade Javier Lopez, Buffalo Chips 4,Buffalo Chips 5 to the Bulls for JJ Putz, Bulls 10
  10.  Wizards trade Fred Lewis, Wizards 13 to the Roadrunners for Roadrunners 4
  11.  Wizards trade Milton Bradley to the Bulls for Vlad Guerrero
  12.  Roadrunners trade Eric O'Flaherty, Roadrunners 18 to the Tbirds for Trever Miller, Tbirds 1


  1.  Phanatics trade Carlos Delgado, Phanatics 15 to the Wizards for Carlos Villanueva
  2.  Phanatics trade Phanatics 12 to the Bimbos for Willie Harris
  3.  Colts trade Mike Lamb to the One-ders for One-ders 5.
  4.  Buffalo Chips trade Lyle Overbay to the Wizards for Carlos Delgado
  5.  Wizards trade Dontrelle Willis to the Roadrunners for John MacDonald
  6.  Taz trade Asdrubal Cabrera to the One-ders for One-ders 14th
  7.  Mustangs trade Mustangs 18, Jared Burton to the Wizards for Wizards 11


  1.  Mustangs trade David Riske, Mustangs 16 to the One-ders for One-ders 9
  2.  Mad Hatters trade Elijah Dukes, Jeff Suppan to the Rampage for Jonny Gomes
  3.  Mad Hatters trade Dontrelle Willis to the Wizards for Mike Lamb
  4.  Mad Hatters trade Corey Patterson, Jonny Gomes, Mike Lamb to the Roadrunners for Mike Cuddyer, Juan Cruz
  5.  Mad Hatters trade Bobby Abreu, Mike Cuddyer, Zach Grienke, Chad Billingsley to the Colts for Matt Holliday, Noah Lowry, Reed Johnson
  6.  Jaybirds trade Travis Buck, Eric Chavez to the Roadrunners for Adam Dunn
  7.  Tigers trade Russell Branyan to the Buffalo Chips for Rob Mackowiak
  8.  Tigers trade Rob Mackowiak, Leo Nunez, Roadrunners 6 to the Roadrunners for Travis Buck, Tyler Johnson,Roadrunners 8
  9.  Insan-eddy trade Oscar villareal, Insan-eddy 18 to the One-ders for Roadrunners 10
  10.  Colts trade Franklin Morales to the Roadrunners for Mike Lamb
  11.  Roadrunners trade Jose Valverde, Derrick Turnbow,Rodrigo Lopez, Roadrunners 9 to the Whales for Gavin Floyd, Jason Frasor, Ed O'Flaherty, Whales 3, Whales 7
  12.  Roadrunners trade Darren oliver, Roadrunners 10 to the One-ders for Jaybirds 6
  13. Whales trade Bobby Abreu to the Madhatters for Josh Willingham


  1. Mad Hatters trade Lenny DiNardo, Taylor Tankersley, Andy Marte to the Colts for Chad Gaudin, Corey Patterson
  2. Mad Hatters trade Skip Schumaker to the Wizards for Joey Gathright
  3. Phanatics trade Andy LaRoche to the Bulls for Insan-eddy 4


  1. Mad Hatters trade Paul Maholm, Joel Pinerio to the Roadrunners for Dontrelle Willis, Rajai Davis, Jamey Carroll
  2. Mad Hatters trade Jamey Carroll to the Roadrunners for Taylor Tankersley
  3. Jaybirds trade Ryan Zimmerman to the Phanatics for Vernon Wells, Troy Glaus, Eric Chavez
  4. Jaybirds trade Josh Anderson, Kaz Matsui, Jaybirds 7,Jaybirds 9 to the Wizards for Travis Buck, Wiz 17
  5. Jaybirds trade Ross Gload to the Wizards for Rob Bowen
  6. Phanatics trade Matt Morris to the Wizards for Willy Bloomquist, Woody Williams
  7. Buffalo Chips trade Sean Casey to the Wizards for Ross Gload, Brenden Ryan
  8. Buffalo Chips trade Mike Lamb to the Wizards for Pedro Feliz
  9. Wizards trade Sean Casey, Kaz Matsui to the Bulls for Joey Gathright, Pedro Feliz


  1.  Phanatics trade Ben Sheets, Jeremy Hermida to the One-ders for Matt Holliday, Rampage 18
  2.  Mad Hatters trade Roadrunners 4, Phanatics 9, Mad Hatters 3(09) to the Colts for Josh Willingham, Colts 7(09), Colts 9(09)


  1.  Jaybirds trade Rickie Weeks, Whales 10 to the Phanatics for Austin Kearns, Mad Hatters 1
  2.  Jaybirds trade Andre Ethier to the Jabberwocky for Kaz Matsui
  3.  Jaybirds trade Austin Kearns, Bulls 3 to the Jabberwocky for Jabberwocky 1, Jabberwocky 5


  1.  Jaybirds trade Mustangs 9, Jaybirds 6(09) to the One-ders for Scott Hatteberg, One-ders 15(09)
  2.  Colts trade Jarrod Washburn to the One-ders for Whales 4


  1.  Tigers trade Trevor Hoffman, Tigers 6(09) to the Tbirds for Jeff Kent, Tbirds 8(09)
  2.  Mad Hatters trade Curtis Granderson, Lastings Milledge to the Jaybirds for BJ Upton, Jaybirds 11
  3.  Tbirds trade Melky Cabrera, Whales 4, Rampage 10 to the One-ders for David Weathers, Willy Tavares, Oneders 9
  4.  Mustangs trade Bulls 3, Mustangs 9 to the Jaybirds for Lastings Milledge, Jaybirds 12
  5.  Tbirds trade Hunters 17, Whales 18, Tbirds 5(09) to the Hunters for Kenny Lofton, Josh Bard, Hunters 18(09)
  6.  Colts trade Ty Wigginton, Ryan Spilbrough, Wizards 10 to the Tbirds for Tbirds 5, Tbirds 7, Tbirds 4(09)
  7.  Insan-eddy trade Insan-eddy 3, Phanatics 6 to the Colts for Jermaine Dye


  1.  Mad Hatters trade Uncallables 2 to the Phanatics for Shane Victorino, Phanatics 9
  2.  Mad Hatters trade Adam Dunn, Mad Hatters 17 to the Roadrunners for Matt Kemp, Lastings Milledge, Roadrunners 1(09)
  3.  Mad Hatters trade Steven Drew, Taz 1, Mad Hatters 1(09), Bulls 4(09) to the Colts for Hanley Ramirez, Colts 11, Colts 10(09)
  4.  Mad Hatters trade Jeremy Hermida, Colts 1, Roadrunners 1(09) to the Phanatics for Curtis Granderson, Colts 3,Phanatics 3(09)
  5.  Mad Hatters trade Dave Roberts to the Roadrunners for Roadrunners 4
  6. Jaybirds trade Jaybirds 14 to the Rampage for Roadrunners 14
  7.  Jaybirds trade Kevin Youkilis to the Buffalo Chips for Carlos Lee
  8.  Wizards trade Wizards 5 to the Bulls for Jose Vidro
  9.  Wizards trade Jose Vidro to the Whales for Whales 11, Whales 4(09)
  10. Rampage trade Jim Thome, Rampage 18 to the One-ders for Colts 2, One-ders 5
  1. Mustangs trade Bimbos 3, Mustangs 10 to the Buffalo Chips for Jack Wilson, Buffalo Chips 12
  2. Mustangs trade Buffalo Chips 12, Mustangs 16 to the One-ders for One-ders 12, One-ders 16
  3. Mad Hatters trade Rich Hill to the Jaybirds for Adam Dunn
  4. Mad Hatters trade Brad Hawpe to the Ins-aneddy for Taz 1, Insan-eddy 7
  5. Mad Hatters trade Jaybirds 3, Roadrunners 6, Tbirds 8, One-ders 1(09) to the Colts for Dave Roberts, Macier Izturis, Colts 1
  6. Mad Hatters trade Chris Young to the Bulls for Kelvim Escobar, Bulls 4(09)
  7. Jaybirds trade Luke Scott to the Jabberwocky for Andre Ethier
  8. Phanatics trade Phanatics 2, Phanatics 5 to the One-ders for Rafael Furcal, Uncallables 4
  9. Bulls trade Aaron Rowand , Bulls 18 to the Tbirds for Tbirds 1, Tbirds 4


  1. Tigers trade Mark Teahan, Wiz 6, Tig 1(09) to the Taz for Lance Berkman, Taz 10(09)
  2. Phanatics trade Orlando Cabrera to the Buffalo Chips for BC 6, BC 3(09)
  3. Phanatics trade Ph 3 to the Wizards for Eric Chavez
  4. Phanatics trade Kyle Lohse, Francisco Cordero to the Bimbos for Matt Garza, Bim 1(09)
  5. Wizards trade Pods 2, UC 2(09) to the Taz for Placido Polanco, Taz 15(09)


  1. Mustangs trade Must 4, BC 5 to the Colts for Colts 4, Colts 5
  2. Mustangs trade Pods 5 to the One-ders for Ryan Church
  3. Mustangs trade Kevin Kouzmanoff to the Bimbos for Bimbos 3
  4. Mustangs trade Jose Vidro, Must 11 to the Pods for Pods 3, Pods 0
  5. Mustangs trade Whales 7, to the One-ders for One-ders 7
  6. Jaybirds trade JB 8, JB), JB 2 (09), JB 3 (09), JB 4(09) to the TazDevils for Tim Wakefield, Mariano Rivera, Taz 13 (09), Taz 14(09)
  7. Jaybirds trade Delmon Young, Casey Kotchman, JB 5 (09), to the Phanatics for Adam Dunn, Ted Lilly, Ph 10 (09)
  8. Tigers trade Tigers 2 to the Hunters for Aaron Cook, Trevor Hoffman
  9. Wizards trade Colts 2, Whales 3 to the One-ders for Aramis Ramirez, One-ders 18
  10. Wizards trade Pat Burrell , Wiz 5 (09) to the Uncallables for Pods 2, UC 2 (09)
  11. Wizards trade Taz 3, Wiz 7, Wiz 12 (09) to the Whales for Reggie Willits, Wh 6 (09)
  1. Mustangs trade Benji Molina, Must 9 (09) to the BuffaloChips for BC 5, BC 2 (09)
  2. Madhatters trade Victor Marinez, MH 4 (09) to the One-ders for Keni Johjima, Scott Downs, One 1 (09)
  3. Pods trade Eric Byrnes to the Bimbos for Bimbos 1
  4. Jaybirds trade Bobby Howry Matt Guerrier, Chad Tracy, JB 8 (09) to the Whales for Wh 10, Wh 16, Wh 17, Wh 1 (09)
  5. Jaybirds trade JB 1 to the Insan-Eddy for Jeff Francoeur, Ins 1 (09)
  6. Hunters trade Rafael Betancourt, Hunt 6 (09) to the Wizards for Pods 4, BC 1 (09)
  7. Phanatics trade Johan Santana, Ph 8 to the Wizards for MH 1, Taz 2, Wh 2, Wiz 1 (09), Rich Harden
  8. Insan-Eddy trade Matt Capps, Ins 10 to the Whales for Matt Stairs, WH 15
  9. Buffalo Chips trade BC 1 (09) to the Wizards for Randy Winn, Wiz 6 (09)
  10. Jaybirds trade MH 6, Wh 6, Bim 7, JB 1 (09), Ins 1 (09), Wh 1 (09), to the Taz for Chris Young, Kevin Youkilis, Scott Shields, Taz 16 (09), Taz 17 (09), Taz 18 (09)