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1999 RSBL Trades


  1. Rampage trade GA Hill, Rampage 7th, & Rampage 13th to the RoadRunners for the Pods 6th & Clippers 14th
  2. Rampage trade B. Spires & Rampage 10th to the Whales for Whales 8th


  1. MadHatters trade L. Stevens & MadHatters 13th to the Whales for Whales 10th
  2. Wizards trade T. Goodwin & Wizards 13th to the Mercenaries for the Mercenaries 9th
  3. Pods trade F.P. Santangelo to the TazDevils for the TazDevils 15th
  4. MadHatters trade R. Garces to the Wizards for Wizards 14th
  5. Rebels trade K. Bottenfield & Clippers 5th to the Wizards for T. Gwynn & Wizards 8th
  6. MadHatters trade T. Phillips & Whales 10th to the TazDevils for TazDevils 8th
  7. Bandits trade S. Parris to the Uncallables for A. Reynoso
  8. Bandits trade B. Jordan to the Wizards for M. Stairs


  1. Rampage trade Tom Gordon & Ranmpage 9th to the Whales for the Whales 7th
  2. MadHatters trade Marvin Benard to the Turkeys for Andy Pettitte
  3. Mercenaries trade T. O'Leary to the Stampede for J. Guzman
  4. Clippers trade Konerko & MadHatters 1st to the MadHatters for the Turkeys 1st & MadHatters 3rd


  1. Clippers trade E. Sprague, Ducks 8th, & Twins 14th to the T-Birds for T-Birds 3rd & T-Birds 11th
  2. Bulls trade Mercenaries 10th to the Stampede for C.J. Nitkowski
  3. Wizards trade O. Hernandez, D. Cook to the Rebels for T. Gwynn & D. Graves
  4. Wizards trade Rebels 6th to the Pods for K. Caminitti
  5. RoadRunners trade Wizards 1st to the TazDevils for Ducks 1st & D. Oliver
  6. TazDevils trade Lee Stevens & TazDevils 9th to the MadHatters for Jeremy Giambi & RoadRunners 12th
  7. Rebels trade Rebels 11th to the Bulls for M. Tucker & Bulls 12th
  8. Bulls trade Bulls 7th to the Pods for O. Cabrera & Pods 14th
  9. MadHatters trade TazDevils 9th to the Clippers for Brian Anderson & Clippers 11th
  10. Bulls trade O. Cabrera to the Uncallables for T. Crabtree


  1. MadHatters trade M. Alou to the Bimbos for B. Fordyce
  2. MadHatters trade D. Justice, D. Jackson, & MadHatters 6th to the Jaybirds for O. Hernandez, G. Williams, & Tigers 10th
  3. MadHatters trade O. Hernandez & MadHatters 11th to the Wizards for Wizards 2nd & Rebels 2nd
  4. MadHatters trade MadHatters 7th & MadHatters 12th to the RoadRunners for B. Rose, J. Silva, RoadRunners 12th, & RoadRunners 13th
  5. MadHatters trade Tigers 1st, Rebels 2nd, B. Rose to the Stampede for J. Burnitz & Stampede 8th
  6. MadHatters trade T. Fryman to the Mercenaries for R. Garces
  7. MadHatters trade K. Garcia to the Rebels for Albie Lopez
  8. MadHatters trade J. Posada to the Whales for D. Segui
  9. MadHatters trade O. Vizquel to the Pods for M. Ordonez
  10. MadHatters trade J. Vidro to the Jaybirds for E. Renteria
  11. Rampage trade Ramon Martinez & Rampage 15th to the MadHatters for RoadRunners 13th


  1. Pods trade J. Flaherty to the Uncallables for Uncallables 6th
  2. Rebels trade M. Stanley to the Wizards for Wizards 15th
  3. Bimbos trade G. Swindell & R. Brogna to the Clippers for David Bell
  4. Clippers trade Tino Martinez to the Wizards for A. Alfonseca
  5. MadHatters trade Olerud, R. Nen, MadHatters 10th to the Turkeys for J. Parque, T. Lee, J. Giambi, & Rampage 1st
  6. Clippers trade Dave Martinez & Mercenaries 6th to the Jaybirds for J. Lieber & Jaybirds 9th
  7. Wizards trade Tino Martinez to the Rebels for F. McGriff
  8. MadHatters trade D. Wells & Mercenaries 5th to the Pods for A. Leiter & D. Jackson
  9. MadHatters trade Matt Anderson  to the Stampede for T. Fryman
  10. Stampede trade Dmitri Young to the TazDevils for TazDevils 10th
  11. Tigers trade Glaus, Brian Anderson, & Tigers 9th to the Clippers for Uncallables 1st & RoadRunners 4th
  12. Clippers trade TazDevils 6th & Clippers 14th to the RoadRunners for D. Reyes, R. Seanez, & RoadRunners 8th
  13. MadHatters trade C. Knoblauch & Rampage 1st to the Turkeys for the Turkeys 1st
  14. Wizards trade J. Vidro to the MadHatters for Rebels 2nd


  1. Mercenaries trade T. Gwynn to the Rebels for E. Burks
  2. Rebels trade Mercenaries 10th to the Bulls for S. Trachsel
  3. Pods trade Pods 15th, P. Astacio, & J. Lieber to the Jaybirds for ther Clippers 6th & Tigers 8th
  4. Rebels trade Ducks 8th to the Clippers for P. Rapp & Clippers 15th
  5. Madhatters trade B. Williams to the Tigers for J.D. Drew, Tigers 1st, & Rebels 2nd
  6. Bimbos trade B. Fordyce to the MadHatters for M. Alou
  7. Rebels trade T. Mulholland to the Wizards for Wizards 10th

8/29/99 (All EOY)

  1. Rebels trade D. Mlicki to the Bulls for C. Reyes & D. Graves
  2. Rebels trade D. Cruz & Jaybirds 4th to the Mercenaries R. Ordonez & Mercenaries 10th
  3. Tigers trade S. Finley, S. Parris, & Tigers 14th to the Bandits for R. Henderson & Bandits 6th
  4. Bulls trade Eric Young & Mercenaries 8th to the T-Birds for R. Mendoza
  5. Rebels trade Andy Ashby & Rebels 7th to the Ducks for Devon White, Fred McGriff, & Ducks 8th
  6. Tigers trade G. Vaughn to the Wizards for TazDevils 4th
  7. Pods trade S. Woodard to the TazDevils for a TazDevil 3rd

8/15/99 (All EOY)

  1. Tigers trade Rondell White and Carlos Reyes to the Bulls for Kenny Lofton
  2. Jaybirds trade BJ Surhoff to the Bulls for J. Vazquez and Jaret Wright
  3. Tigers trade K. Lofton to the Pods for Steve Finley, Tony Batista and the Pods 4th

8/13/99 (All EOY unless noted)

  1. RoadRunners trade J. Bere & RoadRunners 10th to the Pods for B. Stein & Pods 6th
  2. Rampage trade K. Wood to the Clippers for Jaybirds 2nd
  3. Jaybirds trade M. Stanley, E. Burks, L. Castillo, & Jaybirds 4th to the Rebels for B.J. Surhoff & Tigers 10th
  4. Jaybirds trade Mercenaries 8th to the Bulls for M. Morris
  5. Mercenaries trade Mercenaries 3rd & Clippers 9th to the Turkeys for C. Peters, Tukeys 7th, & RoadRunners 11th (100)

7/25/99 (EOY - End of Year) or (100 - Trade during games 100-120)

  1. Pods trade Pods 5th to the Jaybirds for M. Simms (100)
  2. Mercenaries trade B. Santiago to the Clippers for B. Wickman (100)
  3. TazDevils trade M. Anderson & TazDevils 6th to the Clippers for L. Stevens (EOY)
  4. TazDevils trade John Valentin to the Stampede for R. Greer (EOY)
  5. Tigers trade P. Hentgen & Tigers 8th to the Jaybirds for Brian Anderson (100)
  6. Wizards trade T. Mulholland & A. Ledesma to the Rebels for T. Womack & Rebels 4th (100)
  7. Wizards trade J. Acevedo to the MadHatters for MadHatters 2nd (100)
  8. Roadrunners trade R. Aurilla, Clippers 8th, &  RoadRunners 11th to the Turkeys for the BlackSox 1st, Turkeys 2nd, & Turkeys 14th (EOY)
  9. RoadRunners trade K. Escobar to the Jaybirds for the Pods 5th (100)
  10. Stampede trade Stampede 10th to the Jaybirds for R. Aguilera (100)
  11. Tigers trade W. Weiss to the T-Birds for T-Birds 13th (EOY)
  12. Bandits trade Tigers 6th to the Mercenaries for T. Steinbeck (EOY)
  13. Wizards trade C.Davis to the TazDevils for Todd Green & TazDevils 4th (EOY)
  14. Bimbos trade Bimbos 5th to the Tigers for E. Wilson (EOY)
  15. Tigers trade Nomo to the Bandits for T. Fernandez & B. Taylor (EOY)


  1. Mercenaries trade John Vanderwal to the Bandits for Joe Carter
  2. Rebels trade Andy Sheets, Antonio Alfonseca to the Mad Hatters for Kent Bottenfield, Manny Alexander
  3. Stampede trade Tim Raines, Stampede 7th to the Rebels for Chad Curtis, Rebels 12th
  4. Rebels trade Eddie Taubensee, Tigers 10th to the Wizards for Joe Girardi, Jeff Reed
  5. Wizards trade Bryce Florie to the Bandits for Mark Gardner
  6. Tigers trade Mike Morgan to the Rebels for Hideo Nomo
  7. Wizards trade Tigers 10th to the Rebels for Mike Whisenant
  8. Mad Hatters trade Antonio Alfonseca, Fernando Seguignol, Mad Hatters 5th to the Wizards for Scott Service
  9. Stampede trade Kimera Bartee to the Taz Devils for Taz Devils 14th
  10. Bandits trade F. Catalanotto to the Jaybirds for Jaybirds 5th


  1. Rebels trade Dave Howard to the Wizards for Alex Arias
  2. Rebels trade Eduardo Perez to the Bandits for Luis Lopez
  3. Wizards trade Greg Colbrunn to the Mad Hatters for Alex Arias
  4. Wizards trade Joe Carter to the Bandits for Hal Morris
  5. Wizards trade Trinidad Hubbard to the Rebels for Damon Buford
  6. Wizards trade Eddie Perez to the Mad Hatters for Joe Girardi & Freddy Garcia
  7. Wizards trade Trevor Hoffman to the Tigers for Bandits 1st & Tigers 2nd
  8. Wizards trade Damon Buford to the Bulls for Chris Stynes & T-Birds 8th

(Draft Day)

  1. Wizards trade Wizards 7th & Rebels 12th to the MadHatters for Pods 5th
  2. Whales trade Bulls 3rd, Stampede 10th, & Pods 16th to the Twins for Twins 5th, Twins 9th, Twins 13th, & Twins 14th
  3. RoadRunners trade Stampede 1st to the Wizards for Bulls 4th & Wizards 1st (2000)
  4. TazDevils trade Sele to the Ducks for the Ducks 1st (2000)
  5. RoadRunners trade MadHatters 6th & RoadRunners 4th (2000) to the Clippers for the Rebels 3rd
  6. RoadRunners trade Rebels 4th to the Bandits for the Bandits 2nd (2000)
  7. Rebels trade E. Yan & Rebels 8th (2000) to the Bandits for C. Curtis & Bandits 11th (2000)
  8. Bandits trade D. Henry to the Tigers for Tigers 6th (2000)
  9. Pods trade Turkeys 8th to the Jaybirds for the Jaybirds 7th (2000)
  10. Jaybirds trade Turkeys 8th to the T-Birds for the T-Birds 6th (2000)
  11. T-Birds trade K. Brown & T-Birds 8th (2000) to the Bulls for J. Smoltz & Bulls 6th (2000)
  12. MadHatters trade MadHatters 8th (2000) to the Twins for the Stampede 10th
  13. J-Birds trade Jaybirds 8th (2000) to the Pods for the Pods 8th
  14. RoadRunners trade Roadrunners 9th (2000) & RoadRunners 14th (2000) to the Twins for the Twins 11th & Twins 16th
  15. Turkeys trade Turkeys 3rd & Stampede 1st (2000) to the Bulls for A. Pettitte
  16. Stampede trade Stampede 2nd (2000) & Rampage 11th to the TazDevils for S. Andrews


  1. Jaybirds trade R. Rivera & Tigers 1st to the Bimbos for G. Vaughn and Bimbos 15th
  2. Wizards trade Jaybirds 15th to the Stampede for Stampede 15th
  3. Whales trade Whales 1st, Whales 15th, Whales 3rd (2000) to the Roadrunners for C. Everett & Road Runners 6th (2000)
  4. Tigers trade S. Brosius, M. Stanley, Tigers 2nd to the Jaybirds for G. Vaughn, G. Gaetti, & Clippers 6th


  1. Clippers trade T-Birds 1st, Clippers 2nd, Clippers 4th (2000), & Clippers 9th (2000) to the Mercenaries for M. Cameron, Mercenaries 4th, Mercenaries 1st (2000), MadHatters 1st (2000), & Mercenaries 6th (2000)
  2. Clippers trade TazDevils 1st to the Uncallables for the TazDevils 3rd & Uncallables 1st (2000)
  3. MadHatters trade G. Sheffield & MadHatters 6th to the BlackSox for M. Stairs & J. Fassero
  4. BlackSox trade MadHatters 6th & Black Sox 3rd (2000) to the RoadRunners for D. Kile & Road Runner 7th (2000)
  5. Tigers trade TazDevils 5th to the Stampede for Stampede 5th
  6. Wizards trade C. Curtis to the Bandits for the Mercenaries 3rd
  7. Jaybirds trade J. Buener & Jaybirds 6th (2000) to the Mercenaries for G. Gaetti, Mercenaries 6th, & Mercenaries 8th (2000)
  8. Wizards trade E. Martinez & Ger. Williams to the Jaybirds for D. Justice & E. Alfonzo
  9. MadHatters trade M. Stairs to the Wizards for D. Justice
  10. Tigers trade E. Burks, Tigers 1st, & Bimbos 1st to the Jaybirds for Mercenaries 6th & E. Martinez
  11. Wizards trade H. Nomo & Wizards 11th to the Rebels for L. Hernandez & Bulls 12th
  12. Rebels trade Tigers 10th to the Mercenaries for Rebels 11th
  13. Rebels trade Jaybirds 10th to the Bandits for the Wizards 9th
  14. Clippers trade Uncallables 5th & Jaybirds 10th to the Rebels for M. Grudzielanek & Wizards 13th
  15. Rampage trade Rampage 1st, Rampage 1st (2000), & Rampage 2nd (2000) to the Turkeys for the Turkeys 1st
  16. Clippers trade Jaybirds 3rd & Bulls 3rd to the Whales for the Whales 8th & Whales 1st (2000)
  17. Clippers trade Clippers 3rd & BlackSox 1st (2000) to the Turkeys for the Turkeys 2nd & Turkeys 4th (2000)
  18. Whales trade Whales 9th to the Stampede for the Stampede 10th
  19. Rampage trade Rampage 6th, Whales 6th, Rampage 9th, Rampage 11th, Rampage 14th, & Rampage 16th to the Stampede for the Stampede 6th, MadHatters 7th, Stampede 9th, Stampede 11th, Stampede 14th, & Stampede 16th


  1. Wizards trade B.J. Surhoff, Wizards 13th, & Wizards 9th (2000) to the Rebels for C. Curtis, Rebels 10th, & Rebels 6th (2000)
  2. Tigers trade JayBirds 1st to the Pods for the MadHatters 1st
  3. Tigers trade M. McLemore to the Pods for the Pods 4th
  4. Stampede trade Stampede 3rd, Jaybirds 5th, Bandits 5th, Stampede 1st (2000), & Stampede 3rd (2000) to the Turkeys for G. Olsen, D. Veres, T. Wendell, & S. Reed


  1. Rebels trade R. Ordonez & Rebels 11th to the Mercenaries for D. Cruz & Mercenaries 5th
  2. MadHatters trade D. Wilson to the BlackSox for BlackSox 7th & BlackSox 2nd (2000)
  3. Tigers trade Rebels 1st, Stampede 1st, Stampede 2nd, & Tigers 16th to the RoadRunners for RoadRunners 1st, Uncallables 1st, BlackSox 3rd
  4. Tigers trade R. Henderson & Bandits 2nd to the Bandits for the Jaybirds 1st & Tigers 4th
  5. Wizards trade R. Ventura to the Bulls for the Bulls 4th, Bulls 1st (2000) & Bulls 3rd (2000)
  6. Whales trade Eric Davis & Whales 4th to the Tigers for D. Easley & T-Birds 6th
  7. Tigers trade J. Cruz Jr. & Tigers 3rd to the TazDevils for   Rondell White
  8. Bandits trade D. Glanville, Bandits 6th, Bandits 7th, & Bandits 5th (2000) to the Turkeys for C. Counsell, Doug Henry, K. Stinnett, & Turkeys 8th (2000)
  9. Rebels trade Wizards 2nd & RoadRunners 9th to the Bulls for A. Osuna & Bulls 12th
  10. Bulls trade T. Zeile, Wizards 2nd, & Bulls 9th to the Turkeys for O. Dall & J. Powell


  1. Tigers trade I. Valdez & Tigers 10th (2000) to the Rebels for McLemore, Tigers 1st, Rebels 2nd (2000) & Rebels 3rd (2000)


  1. Mercenaries trade Knoblauch & Mercenaries 5th (2000) to the Madhatters for Todd Walker, Twins 3rd, and Mad Hatters 1st (2000)
  2. Tigers trade Tigers 1st to the Rebels for Tony Fernandez
  3. Mercenaries trade Todd Walker to the Jaybirds for Roberto Alomar
  4. Tigers trade Tony Fernandez, Tigers 4th, Tigers 12th, to the Bandits for Bandits 2nd, Bandits 12th, and Bandits 1st (2000)
  5. Clippers trade B. Smith to the T-Birds for T-Birds 3rd
  6. Clippers trade Arrojo, Mecir, A. Benitez, R. Hernandez, Clippers 7th (2000), to the Black Sox for T. Hundley, J. Buener, Black Sox 8th, Black Sox 13th, & Black Sox 1st (2000)
  7. Clippers trade E. Yan to the Rebels for Rebels 3rd
  8. Clippers trade R. Winn, Clippers 12th, Clippers 15th to the Roadrunners for Jaybirds 3rd & Ducks 9th
  9. Clippers trade A. Lopez, A. Rhodes, C. Curtis, Clippers 5th (2000) to the Rebels for J. Guillen, Wizards 10th, Tigers 11th, & Rebels 1st (2000)
  10. Clippers trade Clippers 1st, J. Santana, J. Burkett, J. Orosco, Tim Worell, J. Buener, Clippers 6th, Clippers 6th (2000), & Clippers 10th (2000) to the Jaybirds for T-Birds 1st, TazDevils 1st, Bulls 3rd, Jaybirds 8th, Jaybirds 10th, Jaybirds 12th, Jaybirds 13th, Jaybirds 1st (2000), & Jaybirds 2nd (2000)
  11. Clippers trade clippers 4th & Jaybirds 1st (2000) to the Twins for Tino Martinez & Twins 14th (2000)
  12. Clippers trade Terry Steinbach, Black Sox 8th, Jaybirds 13th to the Mercenaries for the TazDevils 3rd, Roadrunners 12th, & Ducks 13th
  13. Clippers trade TazDevils 3rd & Clippers 9th to the Uncallables for Scott Spezio & Uncallables 5th
  14. Rebels trade A. Rhodes to the Bandits for Mark McLemore
  15. Mercenaries trade Twins 3rd, Ducks 7th to the TazDevils for D. Nilsson & TazDevils 12th